Death and Re-birth, Order out of Chaos

I live on the slopes of the southern section of Table Mountain and have a great ‘up close’ view of the eastern facing mountain slope through my window as I am writing.   At the moment the winter flowers are beautiful and a high winter rainfall this year has contributed to a lush green covering.  In the summer dry conditions make fire a constant concern.   Fire clears out dry dead wood and debris and the burned material creates a special type of fertiliser that restores vital nutrients to the soil.  Many plants here in South Africa depend on the natural fires in our summer months to thrive. 
We have a unique eco system here called Fynbos and the burning of the bush branches of such flowers as the Proteas shown above causes strong re-growth and a profusion of flowers.  Also fire cracks open certain seeds and allows germination.

Order out of chaos

The rhythm of nature has cycles of destruction and reconstruction. Death and re-birth. These cycles are absolutely necessary to maintain a healthy eco system.  The ‘phoenix rising from the ashes’ was the ancients way of depicting this fact.  
Phoenix rises from the ashes
We are not separate from nature.  In fact, patterns in nature are duplicated within us because of the ‘as above so below’ principle.   In our lives we naturally experience cycles of destruction and rebirth.  To grow and truly evolve we have to create the new and let go of the old that has ceased to serve us.  We have to make space for abundance consciousness by letting go of the consciousness of lack. We have to learn from our past and take that learning into the future re-modelled to create success.

There’s no failure only feedback

In NLP we say there is ‘no failure only feedback’.  Each failure can be a stepping stone to success or a barrier.  Each one of us chooses moment to moment which one.
I was thinking about my life and the ups and the downs.  The times when the ending of a relationship or the walking away from a job had seemed an insurmountable challenge at the time and yet as I look back became a door to greater freedom, expansion and exploration.  My ex husband’s Bankrupcy enabled me to discover my World Service.  Waking up one day with your company, home, car and money suddenly gone makes you re-consider everything about your life. Leaving a job that drained my energy opened the way to setting up my own business doing those things I was passionate about.  Leaving a relationship with a partner who refused to grow enabled me to escalate my own evolution.  Stepping into the Unknown on occasions that warranted it has engendered courage and I believe Courage is a fundamental resource in life.

Fire Happens

Truth is, fire happens on Table Mountain.  And you can’t stop it.  The Wildfire Service tries to manage it by doing small, low-intensity controlled burns in the hope that Mother Nature will accept these small offerings and never subject our mountainside homes to destruction.  But it never works, Mother Nature knows best and we need to respect her boundaries and not build in her terrain rather than try to change her terrain to suit us. 
The same is true in our lives.  You’re here to evolve whether you know it or not.  A friend of mine has had three motorbike accidents in the last 12 months and spent time in intensive care and recuperation after reach one.  A whole year that could be either appreciated or cursed because it created time for reflection and rest.  I wonder if he has learned the lesson yet.  Your Higher Self is going to push you forward to fulfill your destiny – that is a given.  You can go willingly and consciously doing a “controlled burn” along the way, or you can go kicking and screaming while your whole life gets set on fire.
Nature shows us that true happiness is not linear in nature.  It is cyclical.  There is no formula for being happy.  Instead, there are ebbs and tides, ups and downs, quiet cycles and super-busy cycles.  There is “fire” and then regrowth. 


There has been a lot of discussion in the personal growth arena about the power and importance of being “happy”.  However my feeling is that this must not become the ‘Holy Grail’ or a doomed to fail pursuit of the unreachable.  There will be happiness and its opposite.  The growth is in saying ‘this too will pass’ when the challenge cycle is happening.  And to ask ourselves ‘what can I learn from this opportunity’.  
Discovering your World Service
Learning is our only goal.  Every experience is an opportunity to learn an important lesson.  The sum total of our life lessons can be an indicator of what we are here to do.  
I discern between the idea of Life Purpose and World Service.  Life Purpose is what we are here to achieve for ourselves. World Service is our offering to humanity.  Many clients ask me how they can discover their World Service and I suggest the following simple writing exercise which helps to reveal a constant thread or theme running through one’s life.
Take a piece of paper and draw 4 columns with the headings shown. 
Negatively perceived events
Lesson being offered
Did I learn the lesson yet?
How can I take what I have learnt and use
it to help others?
Ideas on what my world service could be
based on the lessons I have learnt.
continue noting all events from the earliest to the most recent
List each perceived negative event in column one then honestly answer the questions in column two and three.  Column four is the answer to ‘what is my world service’.  Five is a chance note down your ideas on how to move forward to fulfil your world service. 
It is worth noting here that once you have learned the lesson from each negatively perceived event then you will never be presented with a similar opportunity again. You’ve graduated.  In this way you can minimise negative cycles in your life experience.
Happiness is ours by divine right as is abundance.  However if we have unrealistic expectations of nothing but happiness we are in for disappointment.  So please never chide yourself if you find yourself in a down cycle.  Just work at making the time spent there minimal. The failure is not in being in cycles, the failure is in rejecting the natural cyclic way or refusing to go with the flow in an attitude of acceptance.
We are mistakenly conditioned to think of happiness as this end goal that happens after applying a certain “formula”.  Think these good thoughts, add a little positive action, ask the right questions and (((poof))) we achieve happiness and never have to struggle again. Karen Curry.

Fear of the Unknown

Fear of the Unknown is our enemy in our pursuit of happiness.  We have to work at letting go of fear and that will pave the way to more happiness in our lives.  And for most letting go of fear is like setting fire to your life.   What you will be left with is the bare essentials for a new beginning and the vital nutrients for growth.
So if you’re working on the “happiness thing”, be kind and patient with yourself and master the art of self resilience, self confidence, courage and trust in yourself.  It’s the state of acceptance and flow that you maintain whilst swinging high and low through the cycle of change that creates the foundation for true happiness.  Spending time actively engaged in those pursuits that enable you to fulfill in your World Service will bring you satisfaction and fulfillment and I believe these are two of the important factors that contribute to true happiness.

Lord Shiva – symbolic of divine creation and destruction

Nataraja is the dancing form of Lord Shiva in Vedic/Hindu symbolism

Nataraja (‘King of Dancers’ (Sanskrit nata = dance; raja = king). In the words of Ananda K. Coomaraswamy, “Nataraj is the “clearest image of the activity of God which any art or religion can boast of…A more fluid and energetic representation of a moving figure than the dancing figure of Shiva can scarcely be found anywhere,” 

In a marvelously unified and dynamic composition expressing the rhythm and harmony of life, Nataraj is shown with four hands represent the cardinal directions. He is dancing, with his left foot elegantly raised and the right foot on a prostrate figure — ‘Apasmara Purusha’, the personification of illusion and ignorance over whom Shiva triumphs. The upper left hand holds a flame, the lower left hand points down to the dwarf, who is shown holding a cobra. The upper right hand holds an hourglass drum or ‘dumroo’ that stands for the male-female vital principle, the lower shows the gesture of assertion: “Be without fear.”

Snakes that stand for egotism, are seen uncoiling from his arms, legs, and hair, which is braided and bejeweled. His matted locks are whirling as he dances within an arch of flames representing the endless cycle of birth and death. On his head is a skull, which symbolizes his conquest over death. Goddess Ganga, the epitome of the holy river Ganges, also sits on his hairdo. His third eye is symbolic of his omniscience, insight, and enlightenment. The whole idol rests on a lotus pedestal, the symbol of the creative forces of the universe.


The Significance of Shiva’s Dance

This cosmic dance of Shiva is called ‘Anandatandava,’ meaning the Dance of Bliss, and symbolizes the cosmic cycles of creation and destruction, as well as the daily rhythm of birth and death. 
The dance is a pictorial allegory of the five principle manifestations of eternal energy — creation, destruction, preservation, salvation, and illusion
According to Coomerswamy, the dance of Shiva also represents his five activities: ‘Shrishti’ (creation, evolution); ‘Sthiti’ (preservation, support); ‘Samhara’ (destruction, evolution); ‘Tirobhava’ (illusion); and ‘Anugraha’ (release, emancipation, grace).
I rest my case.
Namaste until next time



Two Jesus Boys, Christology and Whitsuntide

June 8th 2014 is the beginning of the week long Christian Festival of Whitsuntide.
When I was a little girl living in Northern England in the fifties, Whitsuntide was always exciting because we were bought a brand new outfit of summer clothes.  The full monty:  dress, hat or bonnet, gloves, handbag, shoes and coat, which from then on would be worn for ‘best’ and for Sunday church, until the winter came along. We also had a two week school holiday – the first of our summer season – which meant long adventurous days playing outside. 
Here's me aged 5 dressed ready for the procession
Here’s me aged five 
dressed ready
for the procession

On Whit* Sunday (aka Pentecost), the first day of the week of Whitsuntide, we dressed ourselves in our lovely new things took our fresh flower basket in hand, and presented ourselves at our respective Churches in plenty of time to line up behind the big Banner, carried by the congregation’s strongest men, in readiness to walk in a long procession down the main street of the town.  The procession was watched by thousands who lined the streets, three deep or more in places.  As I think of it now I suppose the watchers were the non church-goers come to watch the church goers proclaim their faith.  People who knew me would rush to me as I walked and press money into my hand which I would then gratefully transfer into my ‘new’ handbag.  I never questioned these gifts as it was just what people did.  Now I realise what these gifts signified. Firstly the gift of the Holy Spirit, as Pentecost celebrates the disciples receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit or Christ consciousness.  Secondly, after Golgotha, people would donate money to the Apostles who would then distribute it as charity to those in need. 

Festival of Flowers?


Whitsuntide was a Festival of Flowers in my Congregational* church.  I felt close to nature as the beautiful flowers bedecked the church.  The Summer Solstice was just around the corner, June 21st, the first day of summer when the Sun comes closest to the Earth.   
  “the heart of man opens as the flower bud opens”.
 Rudolph Steiner
My understanding of Whitsuntide until I was fourteen was the time of the ‘Procession of Witness’.  I naively thought it was allowing others to witness one’s faith in God.  Now I realise that the Festival was all about proclaiming our faith in and expressing our gratitude for, the Sun and its’ Radiance. And of course all that meant. There is no life without our Sun.  Our Sun is the hub of our Solar System.  Our Sun was created first and the Solar System around it.  It is the ‘Life Giver’ to our part of the Universe.  So in a way the Sun is our local god because it is our life-giver.  It’s not ‘God’ as in our ‘Creator’.  Not the Almighty, Supreme Being, Source of All.  Not Mother/Father God.  Not the Divine Architect. Not the Omnipresent Omnipotent One. Not Unity.  But a ‘Son’ or child of God created in order to provide a source of life.
So the more I thought about the name Whitsuntide the more I wondered about its true origins. So my research began and I was amazed at what I found. 

Whit Sun Tide 

According to Rudolph Steiner ‘Whit Sun Tide’ signifies “a small part of the radiance of the sun in waves like the tide”.

Sun’s radiance like waves of rays


Now that got my attention because I remember how the Church discouraged, in no uncertain terms, the pagan Sun Worshippers.  So what was the church doing celebrating the Sun?  The plot thickened!
Steiner stated that Whitsun enlivens the flame of the etheric heart.  He also said that our purpose is to spiritualise matter during our earthly incarnation.  Think about that for a moment.  We are matter. The earth is matter.  So our job is to spiritualise matter. How are we designed to do that?  Read on and you will discover how.

Pentecost and Trinity Sunday

Whitsuntide is heralded by Pentecost and falls on the 50th day after Passover  (Passover celebrates the biblical account of Moses leading the flight of the Hebrews from Egypt) and synchronistically occurs 50 days after the Ascension of the Christ Being on Golgotha (see previous blog for more Truth about Easter.) 
Trinity Sunday on June 15th 2014 and Spirit Monday end the Whitsuntide Festival. Trinity in the modern Church definition represents the three aspects of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit and is a relatively recent addition to the festival.

The Hara Line and Golgotha

Steiner explained that in order for each one of us to benefit from the deed of Golgotha we must connect ourselves directly to the Christ energy.  In my modern day terminology this means we must connect our Hara Line to what I now term the Unity Grid, located approximately a metre above our heads. This grid forms the collective consciousness of humanity and the Christ Consciousness energy is held within this grid in the same way that electricity is generated and held within the electrical grid system awaiting our need for power when we plug in the kettle or computer.  Where does the Christ Consciousness energy get generated though?  Well it is sent to us via our Sun. 

The Pleaides Cluster with Alcyone its Sun

It comes from the original Unity, the Grand Central Sun of the Cosmos via the Sun of the Pleaides known as Alcyone, via our Sun and into our energy system via the Unity Grid.  By drawing on this Unity energy the Christ impulse becomes individual in each human being.  

This is what is meant by the biblical phrase ‘it came to pass for all mankind’.

Zoroastrianism and Buddhism unite

WISDOM AND LOVE are the two greatest aspects of humanity and together they form a whole.  They are two sides of the same coin.  True knowledge is born of love and love finds its way to knowledge and wisdom.
The Buddha represents Love.

Buddha’s teaching, when truly understood, has such a warming, deepening effect on the soul and because Jesus embodied this teaching he used it  as a firm foundation for his own teaching.Buddhism was established over 2500 years ago – ie,  in the fifth/sixth century before our era. 

Steiner said  “Everything in Buddhism has to do with inwardness, with human nature and its inner development; genuine, original Buddhism contained no ‘cosmology’ — although it was introduced later on. The essential mission of Buddha was to bring to men the teaching of the deep inwardness of their own souls. Thus in certain sermons Buddha avoids any definite reference to the Cosmos. Everything is expressed in such a way that if the human soul allows itself to be influenced by Buddha’s teaching, it can become more and more perfect. Man is regarded as a self-contained being apart from the great Universe whence he proceeded.

Steiner suggested that Zarathustra’s life purpose and world service was exactly the opposite to Buddha’s.   Zarathustra taught about the Spiritual Being of God the Creator of the Cosmos without whose Light forces that stream in, nothing would exist, including human beings.

Therefore Zarathrustra (aka Zoroaster)  represents Wisdom.

Zarathrustra points to the Cosmos -the habitation of Ahura Mazdao


Zarathustra* whose name means ‘Star of Humanity’ or ‘Golden Star’, or ‘Star of Splendour’, was an Adept and wise Spiritual Teacher who was born 3700 years ago and from whom the people of ancient Persia received ancient wisdom and in particular the teaching concerning Ahura Mazdao, the great Sun Being.   This ‘Sun Being’ was regarded as the soul and spirit of the external, physical sun.  
Hence Zarathustra was able to point to the sun and say: 
‘There is His habitation; 
Ahura Mazdao; 
He is gradually drawing near 
and one day He will live in a body on the Earth!’
What if he did?  What if aspects of the Sun Being incarnated into a physical body?  I intend to show that this indeed happened.The great differences between Zoroastrianism and Buddhism are obvious as long as they are seen as separate; but the differences were resolved through their union and rejuvenation in the events of Palestine.

The Christ

Ahura Mazdao, was later known as ‘the Christ’ — Zarathustra introduced the people of Persia to the Being of the Sun that we now refer to as Christ.  However it was to be another 1700 years before the birth of Jesus.  

Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; 

no one comes to the Father but through Me.” John 14:6

Did you know that your Etheric body reunites with the Sun a few days after death? This is what the above biblical quote means.
Truth is inevitably complicated, and I appreciate that this article concerning the Events of Palestine: Christology, Whitsuntide and the Two Jesus Boys, may challenge you.   However we are discussing here the most significant happening in the evolution of the Earth.




So from Whitsuntide let us move to Christmastime in order to continue the unfolding of our story.
Lets begin by asking a simple question:  Why did Matthew leave out the three kings from his gospel narrative?

Here’s a clue…….

The Two Jesus Children

Yes there were two Jesus children! 
St Luke’s Gospel and St Matthew’s gospel both tell of the Nativity and yet they differ in that they describe two different children with separate genealogies.
St Luke describes a child from the Nathan Line of the House of David (the Priestly line).
St Matthew describes a child from the Solomon line of the House of David (the Kingly Line).


Steiner noted for those who were doubtful of the fact of two Jesus boys that:

 “In the Old Testament there are, for instance, two prophecies: 
one in the apocryphal Books of Enoch pointing more to the Nathan Messiah of the priestly line, and the other in the Psalms referring to the 
Messiah of the kingly line.” 

It is interesting how differently one can interpret scripture when the confusion of erroneous interpretation is removed.

It is noteworthy that not only did Essene prophecy, as discovered this century, predict two messiahs, but considerable works of art created during the Christian era after the Inquisition, shows two different Jesus children.
There were two families each with one boy, plus a cousin of one of the boys named John who later became known as John the Baptist. All three children figure in the Old Master’s frescoes and paintings.

Madonna and Jesus with cousin John the Baptist (standing) symbolised by the lamb he’s holding.
Notice Mary has two fingers apart like a V and Jesus has two fingers held up towards John.
V symbolises the womb of a woman and his two fingers two boys.  Sometimes the truth is hidden in full view


Steiner tells us that the Solomon child was born long enough before the Nathan child to permit John the Baptist to escape King Herod’s decision to order the massacre of male children under two years of age.  Herod did this because he feared a new King of the Jews had been born who would threaten his authority. You will remember in the bible the story of the ‘flight into Egypt of Joseph and Mary with their child. This journey was made to save the child from being murdered. The journey was begun in haste and before the child was eight days old. We know this because the bible tells us that there was no time to arrange the circumcism which normally happens before the age of eight days. Therefore the child was not not circumcised until he returned from Egypt eight years later.

The Flight into Egypt, c.1648/50 (oil on canvas) by Dolci, Carlo (1616-86)

Since John was six months older than the Nathan Jesus, we may assume that the Solomon child was born more than six months before the Nathan child. 

Before the birth of their Jesus child, the Nathan parents lived in Nazareth and the Solomon parents lived in Bethlehem

Those who have studied the matter carefully know that most scholars place the birth of Jesus earlier than our calendar date but that there is a discrepancy of a few years between the proposed dates. Herod the Great’s death in 4 B.C. pretty well establishes the birth of the Solomon Jesus at least four years BC, while from the standpoint of Luke’s Gospel a date as late as 1 BC is suggested.

When Joseph and Mary, of the Solomon family, returned with their son from Egypt, they went as the angel had instructed Joseph into Galilee and settled in Nazareth. As related in the Gospel of St. Mark, they had several more children: Simon, Judas, Joseph, James and two sisters. (Mark VI, 3).

Two Children grow up in Nazareth as neighbours

Steiner says, “Thus we see two Jesus-children growing up. The son of Joseph and Mary of the Nathan line was born of a young mother (in Hebrew the word ‘Alma’ would have been used), for a soul of such a pure loving Buddha nature must necessarily be born of a very young mother. After their return from Bethlehem this couple continued to live in Nazareth with their son. They had no other children; the mother was to be the mother of this Jesus only.
As one might expect in a small community, they were friendly and the children grew up as neighbors until the Nathan child was twelve years of age.
When the Nathan Jesus reached this age his parents went to Jerusalem ‘after the custom’, to take part in the Feast of the Passover, and the child went with them, as was usual.
We now find in the Gospel of St. Luke the mysterious narrative of the twelve-year-old Jesus in the temple. As the parents were returning from the Feast they suddenly missed the boy; failing to find him among the company of travellers they turned back again and found him in the temple conversing with the learned doctors, priests, teachers and elders all of whom were astonished at his wisdom.
What had happened? According to the Akashic records what occurred was what we would now term a ‘walk in experience’. 

The Synagogue story of St Luke’s gospel – the two become one

Up until the age of twelve there were two separate boys. Then comes the report in the bible which refers to the two becoming one and this is the story of the twelve year old ‘Jesus’ teaching in the synagogue as given in the account in Luke’s Gospel.
The Solomon child was probably at least fourteen when the Nathan child was twelve.
Luke describes the integration of the two in a single verse – “Jesus then increased in wisdom, age, and beauty”
Heinrich Hofmann (1824 -1911), “Der zwölfjährige Jesus im Tempel”, 1884.


Nathan Jesus was able to utterly confound the learned doctors, priests, teachers and elders in the temple. But what is even more telling is that this so astonished his own parents. They were astonished because the simple child they had known up until that time was no longer merely pure, simple and deeply in touch with all creatures, but he was now wiser than the wisest in the temple as a mere twelve year old. If this wisdom had previously existed in the child, surely they would have come to expect this type of thing. As it is, they too are incredulous!
The Nathan Jesus child was now so changed that his parents did not know what to make of him as they took him home with them.
The I Am consciousness of the Solomon Jesus had left him and entered into Nathan Jesus who, until then, had only the Buddha I Am consciousness within him. 
The Solomon child withered and died soon after the transmigration of the ‘soul’. Nathan Jesus now consisted of the physical body descended from David through Joseph, the unspoiled etheric body template of the original Adama human being, the purified astral body of the Buddha, and the most advanced ‘I Am Presence’ humanity had produced, that of the ancient Zarathustra.
Mary the ‘virgin’ mother of the Nathan Jesus died soon after the temple incident, so that the child into whom the Zarathustra soul had now passed was orphaned on the mother’s side.

Two families Unite

The Father, Joseph of the Solomon line, had already died, and the mother of the child who had once been the Solomon Jesus, together with her children James, Joseph, Simon, Judas and the two daughters, were taken into the house of the Nathan Joseph.

That is how Zarathustra (now in the body of the Nathan Jesus-child) was again living with his original birth family (excepting his dead Father).  Thus the two families were combined into one. 
The families of the two boys are described differently in the gospels. St Mark confirms that the Solomon Mary had other children, four sons and two daughters and that the Solomon Joseph died.

The Baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist

Trevisani‘s 1723 depiction of the baptismal scene, with the sky opening and the Holy Spirit (aka Whit of the Sun Being or Christ Consciousness) descending in the shape of a dove

At the time of the Baptism in the River Jordan the Christ Consciousness of the aspects (whit) of Sun Being (aka Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit) then entered Jesus and combined with the two placeholders – the Buddha consciousness and the Zarathrustra consciousness: love and wisdom. 

In the bible it says:

‘Now when all the people were baptized, it came to pass that Jesus also being baptized, and praying, the heaven was opened and the Holy Ghost descended in a bodily shape like a dove upon him and a voice came from heaven which said, Thou art my beloved Son, this day have I begotten Thee’ 

Simultaneously with the Baptism the soul aspects of the original mother of the Nathan Jesus descended from the spiritual world and transformed the Solomon line mother who had been taken into the house of the Nathan Joseph, making her again virginal. Thus the soul of the mother whom the Nathan Jesus had lost was restored to him when he was thirty through his ‘step mother’. The woman who had been his step mother since the age of twelve had given birth to other children, whereas his natural Nathan line mother had been the young virgin of the immaculate conception (non physical, non sexual conception which was how life used to be conceived before humans became totally physical in nature. Originally as fifth dimensional beings we co-created offspring without sexual intercourse.  Offspring were created through thought and intention just as other creative impulses were generated – and yes this could be the subject of another blog!).   So at this point Mary was called Blessed Mary’ as named in the Bible.

The two families were of course merged by the marriage of the Solomon Mary to the Nathan Joseph, and all the children then lived together in Nazareth.  Hence from then on the bible refers to him as Jesus of Nazareth.
So now it is not said simply that he was a ‘son’ of Joseph, but: ‘being as was supposed the son of Joseph’ (Luke III, 21–23) — for the soul had originally incarnated in the Solomon Jesus and was therefore not connected fundamentally with the Nathan Joseph.

A Unique gift for humanity

Therefore actual fusion of Buddhism and Zoroastrianism took place in the person we come to know as Jesus of Nazareth.

One boy, from the Nathan line, was the incarnation of the Buddha (love) as I have said.
The other boy from the Soloman line, was the elder boy by a few months and was the incarnation of Zarathrustra (wisdom) as discussed.
So just to re-iterate……The spirit/soul of Zarathrustra left the older boy of the Soloman line and entered into the body of the younger Nathan line boy. Thus wisdom and love came together in one single body for the first time ever on earth.  The older boy’s physical body eventually faded and ceased to live as his spirit had left his body.  So the person we know as Jesus or Jeshua (Master Sanander) lived on as the incarnation of both love and wisdom. 

Buddha’s Teaching concerning the Ennoblement of Man’s inner Nature and Zarathustra’s Teaching concerning the Cosmos.

Let’s place emphasis on the fact that Zarathustra directed his gaze to the outer world. Whereas Buddha gave deeply penetrating teachings concerning the ennoblement of man’s inner nature.  From Zarathustra came sublime teachings relating to the Cosmos, in order that men should be enlightened about the world out of which they are born. Buddha’s gaze was directed inwards, Zarathustra’s to the outer world, with the aim of understanding it through spiritual insight.
The Essene families of both boys were fully aware of the plan and supported the amazing process fully knowing the importance of such a process for humanity. 
The Nathan line Jesus was educated in the Spiritual practices of many belief systems.  Having been brought up in the Essene movement at the age of thirteen his wealthy Uncle, Joseph of Arimathea, a jewish merchant with his own fleet of ships and secretly a Druidic Priest,  took him to England to be schooled and initiated in the Druidic ways.  It is believed he was further educated in eastern ancient wisdom through Vedic scripture studies in India before returning to the Holy Land.  All this initiation and preparation was necessary to raise the vibration of his physical body to prepare him for the role he was to take on at age thirty when he was Baptised and the Sun Being entered his physical body to incarnate on earth just as Zarathrustra’s prophecy had predicted.
Remember Jesus was thirty when his cousin John baptized him in the River Jordan.  During this baptism aspects of the Sun Being descended into the readied physical vehicle for what was to be a three year sojourn on earth.  Now the physical vehicle housed three aspects:  Love, Wisdom and the energy of the Being of the Sun. 
The term Jesus was the Son of God needs clarification.  Jesus was the vehicle for aspects (whit) of the Sun Being.  Only aspects could come forth because the whole Being of the Sun was much too strong to be encased in a single physical body however well prepared it had become.  And of course the majority of the Sun Being had to remain in his habitation as he was the orchestrator, life-giver of the Solar System.  The Sun being could be termed a ‘Son (Sun) of God’ in that the Sun was created by the Divine Source.  Human Beings are of course sons and daughters of God too in that we are divinely created and we draw our sustenance from the Sun.

The Nativity

The Three Kings visited the older child of the house of Solomon who was born in the home of his wealthy parents.
The adoration of the shepherds was given to the younger child of the house of Nathan who was born in Bethlehem. 
Gerard van Honthorst, 1622 
The two children are depicted by the old Master artists in very different ways.  The younger Nathan line child is always shown lying new born in the manger.  The older Soloman child painted sitting up and taking notice on the knee of his mother as shown in the painting below. 
Mathias Grunewald depicts the Madonna and (Soloman line) Jesus - he is not shown as newborn From the Isenheim Altarpiece painted between 1512 and 1515

Mathias Grunewald depicts the Madonna and (Soloman line) Jesus – he is not shown as newborn
From the Isenheim Altarpiece painted between 1512 and 1515

There is one painting that depicts the two Jesus boys and cousin John (later the Baptist – who was actually Elijah re-incarnated) all together.  It is a fresco in Burg Valeria Sion in the Swiss Alps.  (Unfortunately I could not find a reproduction on the internet to include here, however I have seen it in Olive Whicher’s book* refer to notes below)
The Sun Being’s influence in planning the two births is shown on paintings as the golden aura or halo around both children.
The mature Jesus was destined to spend three years as an earthly being and in that period taught and spread the truth of our spiritual nature.  The longer the Sun Being was encased in a physical body the less his power became.  The more the earthly realm overcame him the more removed he became from his true home, the Sun.  He slowly lost his metaphysical powers and experienced first hand the suffering of humanity.
“The God became Man and in so doing became 
powerless in the world of men”.  
The Way of the Passion. Infinite suffering added to sorrow for the plight of humanity.
Mathias Grunewald's Resurrection - notice the golden corona like the Sun around the head This is another section of the Iseneheim Altarpiece.  By 1509, Grünewald was court painter to the Archbishop of Mainz, and he was commissioned to paint the Isenheim Altarpiece around 1512-15.

Mathias Grunewald’s Resurrection – notice the golden corona like the Sun around the head
This is another section of the Iseneheim Altarpiece. By 1509, Grünewald was court painter to the Archbishop of Mainz, and he was commissioned to paint the Isenheim Altarpiece around 1512-15.

Close up of the Whit of the Sun Being's head as he begins his ascension back to the Sun - taken from the above picture

Close up of the Whit of the Sun Being’s head as he begins his ascension back to the Sun – taken from the above picture

Rudolph Steiner wrote and spoke a great deal on the true events surrounding the life of the man we know as Jesus of Nazareth and he stated: 

The Event of Palestine is an illustration of one most significant fusion of the spiritual streams in humanity.  Two separate individuals enabled the fusion of Buddhism and Zoroastrianism.”


Why no mention in the Gospels of the two boys

Of course these facts are no longer found in the Gospels.  However the First Council of Nicaea (a council of Christian bishops convened in Nicaea in Bithynia by the Roman Emperor Constantine I in AD 325)  and others, have over the years adjusted the sacred scriptures, either ignorantly, or with forethought, to suit political ends through the centuries.
Steiner channelled the Akashic Records and in so doing gave us lost knowledge that only the old Master’s paintings complete with their symbolism, were holding safe. (Truth being secreted in full sight! Does that sound familiar?) 

It must never be forgotten that the words at the end of the Gospel of St. John hold good for all the Gospels — that the world itself could not contain the books that would have to be written if all the facts were presented.
The revelations safeguarded for humanity through what we knew later as Cathar Christianity (see the divine feminine and the cathars and the Cathars murdered by the church of Rome inquisition) are not of a kind that could have been written down and presented to the world once and for ever as a complete record. 

Christ Jesus’s – [I feel Christ Jesus is more appropriate a term than Jesus Christ – after all Jesus was there first before the Christ descended into his body] – words are true: 
‘I am with you always, until the end of the world!’ 

He is there not as a dead but as a living Being, as a stream of conscious healing energy we now term Christ Consciousness.  What He has to reveal can always be perceived by those whose spiritual eyes are opened and align their Hara Line to the Unity Grid and to the Earth. 

I feel true Christianity is better called Christology as it is a living stream and its revelations will endure as long as human beings are able to receive them. 

The facts presented here cannot be quoted verbatim from the bible however, the consequences of the facts are stated in writing in the sacred texts which will hopefully enable your acceptance of what I am writing here.

Lets review the facts again….The births of the two Jesus children were separated by a period of a few months. But Jesus of the Gospel of St. Luke was born too late to have been a victim of King Herod’s so-called ‘massacre of the innocents’.
The Jesus of St. Matthew’s Gospel was saved from the massacre because he was taken to Egypt by his parents.  Cousin John was born shortly before or about the same time as this Jesus. According to Gospels, John remained in Palestine, but if that had been the case he would certainly have been a victim of Herod’s murderous deed. You can hopefully now see how necessary it is to devote serious thought to these things; for if all the children of two years old and younger were actually put to death at that time, John would have been one of them. But this riddle will become intelligible if, in the light of the facts disclosed by the Akashic Records, you realize that the events related in the Gospels of St. Luke and St. Matthew did not take place at the same time. The Nathan Jesus was born after the Bethlehem massacre; so too was John. Although the interval was only a matter of months, it was long enough to make these facts possible.

To sum up – why Jesus gave humanity the greatest gift possible which became the turning point in evolution

Remember the Kingly line Solomon Jesus of the Gospel of St. Matthew was the reincarnation of the Zarathustra-Individuality, from whom the people of ancient Persia had once received the teaching concerning Ahura Mazdao, the great Sun Being.
After attaining enlightenment Buddha went to Sarnath; and it was here that he preached his first discourse in the deer park to set in motion the ‘Wheel of the Dharma’.
Sarnath is one of the most holy sites as in this place the stream of the Buddha’s teaching first flowed.


Buddha gave to the world a teaching presented in the concept of the Eightfold Path (ie. the qualities needed by the human soul if it is to escape the harsh effects of Karma).   Essentially Buddha’s teaching was, ‘develop compassion and love for all things based on a sense of morality’.
According to Steiner, “when the Bodhisattva became Buddha, this was a crucial turning-point in evolution. Had the full revelation of the Bodhisattva in the body of Gautama Buddha not taken place at that time, it would not have been possible for the souls of all human beings to unfold what we call ‘law-abidingness’ — ‘Dharma’ — which a man can only develop from his own being by expelling the content of his astral nature in order to liberate himself from all harsh effects of Karma”.
This is expressed in Buddhist legend as ‘turning the Wheel of the Law’. This means that the enlightenment of the Bodhisattva and his ascent to Buddhahood enabled a force to stream through the whole of humanity as the result of which men could now evolve ‘Dharma’ from their own souls and gradually fathom the profundities of the Eightfold Path. This possibility began when Buddha first evolved the teaching upon which the moral sense of men on Earth was actually to be based. This was Buddha’s life purpose and world service.  To enable man to experience his own soul as his great ideal.
Whereas Buddha pointed to the actual thought-substance out of which the thoughts arise from the human soul, Zarathustra pointed to ‘world-creative thoughts’ which he termed the ‘Ferruers’ or ‘Fravashars’.  In other words Divine Consciousness which we can tap into in order to support ourselves in our evolution.

We are never alone and we are Spiritual Beings 

In truth then we have two forms of support. Our own inner being, our Higher Self, which rests in the safety of a collective divine-spiritual world, the Soul dimension, where we are never alone..  We are born of the Spirit and rest in the Spirit; with every indrawn breath we inhale divine Spirit; with every exhalation you may make an offering to the great Spirit!’ 

Egyptian and Hebraic culture gives us further evidence of the truth


Hermes as the healer with caduceus and winged sandals


Zarathustra had two pupils: the Individualities who later incarnated as the Egyptian Hermes and as Moses respectively. When these two Individualities were again incarnated in order to carry forward their work for humanity, Zarathustra’s teaching was integrated into the Egyptian Hermes. Hermes bore within him the astral body of Zarathustra which had been transmitted to him in order that all the knowledge of the Universe possessed by Zarathustra might again be made manifest on earth through an incarnated human being and therefore have the opportunity to take effect in the outer world. 

The etheric body of Zarathustra was transmitted to Moses. And because whatever evolves in Time is connected with the etheric body, when Moses became conscious of the secrets contained in his etheric body, he was able to create the mighty pictures of happenings in Time presented in Genesis. In this way Zarathustra worked on through the power of his Individuality, inaugurating and influencing Egyptian culture and the culture of the ancient Hebrews that issued from it.
Zarathustra destined to fulfil a great mission, incarnated again and again in other personalities.  Thus 2600 years ago Zarathustra incarnated in ancient Chaldea as Zarathas (aka Nazarathos), who became the teacher of the Chaldean Mystery-schools; he was also the teacher of Pythagoras and again acquired profound insight into the phenomena of the outer world and so taught about concord and harmony in the outer world. His mission also included the art of organizing empires and institutions in keeping with the progress of humanity and with order in the social life. 

Who were The Three Kings

Hence those who were pupils in the Chaldean school of Nazarathos/Zarathas became great ‘Magi’, great ‘Magicians of Metaphysics’ great ‘Initiates’ and also ‘Kings’ (men versed in the art of establishing social order in the external world).

Journey and Adoration of the Magi, by Gentile da Fabriano 1370-1427 Matthew tells us about these wise men from the East: philosophers, princes, rich and powerful pagans,
who have the leisure and the desire to study the heavens (astronomy to them; idolatry to the Jews).
They have been tracking the great star which appears over Judea during the period of the nativity. They travel to Jerusalem, seeking help from the ruler of that place – our old friend, Herod. After consulting with his chief scribes and priests, Herod secretly sends them to Bethlehem. He asks them to return with a report so that he might worship the child. Herod’s nefarious intention to murder the baby is
prevented by an angel who tells the wise men not to return to Herod’s court
The pupils in the Chaldean Mystery Schools saw in their teacher a reflection of the Sun itself and that is how the Magi (Wise Men) knew when their Master was born again. Led by their ‘Star’ [ie. Zarathustra whose name means ‘Star of Humanity’ or ‘Golden Star’, or ‘Star of Splendour’], they brought as offerings to him the outer symbols for the most precious gift he had been able to bestow upon men. This most precious gift was knowledge of the outer world, of the mysteries of the Cosmos.  Symbols for this knowledge — which can be acquired by mastering the secrets of the outer world — were gold, frankincense and myrrh

gold the symbol of thinking, frankincense — the symbol of the piety which pervades man as feeling, myrrh — the symbol of the power of will. 

Thus by attending their Master when he was born again in Bethlehem the Magi gave evidence of their union with him and this was recorded by the writer of the Gospel of St. Matthew.

Zarathustra, as Jesus of the Solomon line of the House of David, chose purposefully to be born of the Kingly line this would give him status and aid him in passing on the teachings of his past lives.

Moses by Rembrandt


The history of the Jesus whose parents resided originally in Bethlehem is correctly told in St. Matthew.  Jesus was born in Bethlehem and he had to be taken to Egypt to escape Herod’s decree.  It was after their return from Egypt that the parents settled in Nazareth, for the child who was the reincarnation of Zarathustra was destined to grow up near the child who represented the other stream — the stream of Buddhism. Thus the two streams were literally brought together geographically.
Confusion arose because in St Luke’s gospel it says that the parents of the Jesus of whom he is writing resided in Nazareth, that they went to Bethlehem to be ‘taxed’ and that Jesus was born during that short period. The parents then returned to Nazareth with the child. 

Maternal and Paternal influences

The Gospels become especially profound when they are indicating essential facts. The quality in the human being that is connected more with will and power, with the ‘kingly’ nature (speaking in the technical sense), is transmitted by the paternal element in heredity. 

The inner nature that is connected with wisdom and inner mobility of spirit, is transmitted by the maternal element. 

Goethe hints at this in the words:
From my father I have my stature
And life’s serious conduct;
From my mother a happy nature
And delight in telling fables.
 ‘Life’s serious conduct’ — this is connected with the character of the I Am and is inherited from the paternal element. For this reason the Solomon Jesus had to inherit power from the father, because it was his mission to transmit to the world the divine forces radiating through the world in Space.
This is expressed by the writer of the Gospel of St. Matthew when the announcement of his son’s birth was given to Joseph, the father.

Matthew 1:20  behold, an angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream, saying, “Joseph, son of David, do not be afraid to take Mary as your wife; for the Child who has been conceived in her is of the Holy Spirit.

Philippe de Champaigne’s The Dream of Saint Joseph painted around 1636


According to St Luke’s Gospel Angel Gabriel announced to Mary the conception of her son because inner traits and qualities are inherited from the mother and were transmitted to the Jesus of the Nathan line.

 Fra Angelico – Annunciation – note the dove above the head of the Nathan Virgin Mary as Archangel Gabriel gives her the news of her spiritual (aka immaculate) conception


The Jesus-child who bore within him the Individuality of Zarathustra unfolded with extraordinary rapidity powers that will inevitably be present when such a mighty Soul incarnates.
The nature of the Individuality in the body of the Nathan Jesus was altogether different, the most important factor there being the Nirmanakaya* of Buddha overshadowing this child. Hence when the parents had returned from Bethlehem, the child is said to have been full of wisdom — that is, in his etheric body; he was “filled with wisdom and the grace of God was upon him.” (Luke II, 40). But he grew up in such a way that the ordinary human qualities connected with understanding and knowledge of the external world developed in him exceedingly slowly. A superficial observer would have called this child comparatively ‘simple’ — if account had been taken only of his intellectual capacities. But instead there developed in him the power streaming from the overshadowing Nirmanakaya of Buddha. He unfolded a depth of inwardness comparable with nothing of the kind in the world, a power of feeling that had an extraordinary effect upon everyone around him.

A New Template for humanity


Thus in the Nathan Jesus we see a Being with infinite depths of feeling, and in the Solomon Jesus an Individuality of exceptional maturity, having profound understanding of the world.  In coming together for the first time a template for evolution of humanity was created.  In adding the Sun Being to this mix the gift of Christ Consciousness, the healing energy of the Earth, was granted to humanity to enable us to return to full consciousness from whence we came. We are the ones we have been waiting for.  We are our own Messiah. Jesus’s etheric nature has resided in the Etheric Realm* above the earth since the mid 1940’s.  He guides us from there.  The fact is that we embody the Christ and we are Christed Beings on our way back home.
Namaste until next time
*Notes :


*Congregationalism – speaks of a form of church government. “Episcopal” church government is ruled by bishops, “presbyterian” church government is rule by elders, and “congregational” church government is rule by the congregation. Episcopal government usually includes a hierarchy over the local church, and presbyterian government sometimes does as well. Congregational government nearly always avoids such hierarchy, maintaining that the local church is answerable directly to God, not some man or organization. Congregational government is found in many Baptist and non-denominational churches.

Whit – a noun

Definition:  a very small part or amount.
“the last whit of warmth was drawn off by the setting sun”   

synonyms: scrap, bit, tiny amount, speck, iota, particle, jot, atom,


Biography of Zarathushtra Spitaman:

Around 3700 years ago, in the plains of Central Asia, a man arose by the name of Zarathushtra Spitaman. His father was Pourushaspa, which means “full of horses”, indicating that he was a horse breeder or rancher, while his mother’s name was Dughdhova, which means “milk maid”, so likely Zarathushtra was from a cattle and horse breeding family, which places him in the upper middle class of his time. Not much is known about his youth, except that he was very curious and wanted to find out about things. He spend long times outdoors, contemplating about nature and the questions of life, by which he got visions that made him aware of the existence of a Supreme Being, an all Wise and Good (genderless) God, who urges Mankind to preserve His/Hers Creation and to bring it into perfection. Zarathushtra encountered many difficulties and challenges imposed on him through the opposition of the established priests and local ruling princes. Eventually he and his followers had to leave their homeland for other lands. Finally, at the age of 42, Zarathushtra reached the court of King Vishtaspa and managed to get an audience with the king. During this encounter, many of the leading priests and wise men were present, to quiz Zarathushtra and test his new philosophy. Zarathushtra could answer all questions to the satisfaction of the King, who after a few days of pondering the situation, embraced this new religion and urged his subjects to do the same. This was the major breakthrough in Zarathushtra’s propagation of his message to mankind, which is so simple, that it is contained in a small book of 17 songs called “The Gathas of Zarathushtra”. In the Gathas, Zarathushtra did not claim to have received inspiration from God, but to have both ‘realized’ and ‘seen’ God and His/Her Qualities in observing Nature and the world around, rather than having it ‘revealed’ to him like to a prophet – he was a seer, a thought-provoking messenger. Zarathushtra lived a healthy life to old age. According to later tradition, Zarathushtra passed away of natural causes, at the age of 77.

The Druids who were they:
The Druids are thought to have been the remnants of Atlantean society  settled in England.  One of the most striking characteristics of Druidism is the degree to which it is free of dogma and any fixed set of beliefs or practices. In this way it manages to offer a spiritual path, and a way of being in the world that avoids many of the problems of intolerance and sectarianism that the established religions have encountered.
John the Baptist.
John was the herald of the Being who was to come in Jesus. John proclaimed this by gathering together and summarizing with infinite power everything contained in the old Law. What the Baptist wished to bring home to men was that there must be observance of what was written in the old Law but had grown old in civilization and had been forgotten; it was mature, but was no longer heeded. Therefore what John required above all was the power possessed by a soul born as a mature — even overmature — soul into the world. He was born of old parents; from the very beginning his astral body was pure and cleansed of all the forces which degrade man, because the aged parents were unaffected by passion and desire.
Definition: Nirmanakaya
In the Mahayana teaching of trikaya, a buddha is said to exist in three bodies — the dharmakaya, sambhogakaya, and nirmanakaya.   The nirmanakaya is the earthly, physical body of a buddha, which manifests in the world to teach the dharma and bring all beings to enlightenment. For example, the historical Buddha is said to have been a nirmanakaya Buddha.  The nirmanakaya body is subject to sickness, old age and death like any other living being.)

Etheric Realm of Earth

Just as we have an etheric subtle body that gives life to our physical body and returns to the Sun at death, so too does the earth have an Etheric Body that enables the earth to exist in physicality. The etheric body is outside of the physical – just above and around it you could say.
Book : The 2 Jesus Children by Hella Krause-Zimmer 
In the small book, What Happened in Bethlehem? Hella Krause-Zimmer describes the two-fold Christmas Story. The questions she asks, encourage the reader to dive into the mystery of the two Jesus children, and at the same time shows that this motif was used often in art.

The Mystery of the Two Jesus Children: And the Descent of the Spirit of the Sun

Temple Lodge Publishing, 2005 
The Christian Gospels give two widely differing genealogies for Jesus, which have baffled theologians throughout the centuries. Not only are these genealogies irreconcilable, but the stories of the two accounts of the birth of Jesus, as given by Matthew and Luke, are also radically different. How can this be accounted for? An ancient tradition tells that there were two children named Jesus, a year apart in age and both born to parents named Mary and Joseph. These two children, brought up in close proximity, eventually ?united? in a mysterious way, resulting in a single ?Jesus? destined to grow up and fulfill the prophecies of the Old Testament.
Rudolph Steiner’s book on the two Jesus boys

NB: There is a fresco in Burg Valeria Sion in the Swiss Alps showing the 2 separate families.




Did God Create Evil?

Does evil exist?

The university professor challenged his students with this question: Did God create everything that exists?

A student bravely replied, “Yes, he did!”

“God created everything? The professor asked.

“Yes sir,” the student replied.

The professor answered, “If God created everything, then God created evil since evil exists and, according to the principle that our works define who we are, then God is evil.”

The student became quiet before such an answer. The professor was quite pleased with himself and boasted to the students that he had proven once more that the Christian faith was a myth.

Another student raised his hand and said, “Can I ask you a question professor?”

“Of course,” replied the professor.

This student stood up and asked, “Professor, does cold exist?”

“What kind of question is this? Of course it exists. Have you never been cold?” The students snickered at the young man’s question.

The young man replied, “In fact sir, cold does not exist. According to the laws of physics, what we consider cold is in reality the absence of heat. Every body or object is susceptible to study when it has or transmits energy, and heat is a measure of this energy transfer. Absolute zero (-460 degrees F) is the total absence of heat; all matter becomes inert and incapable of reaction at that temperature. Cold does not exist. We have created this word to describe how we feel if we have no heat.”

The student continued, “Professor, does darkness exist?”
The professor responded, “Of course it does.”

The student replied, “Once again you are wrong sir, darkness does not exist either. Darkness is in reality the absence of light. Light can be studied and measured, but not darkness. We can use Newton’s prism to break light into many colours and study the various wavelengths of each colour. You cannot measure darkness. How can you know how dark a certain space is? You measure the amount of light present. Isn’t this correct? Darkness is a term used by man to describe what happens when there is no light present.”

Finally the young man asked the professor, “Sir, does evil exist?”

Now uncertain, the professor responded, “Of course, as I have already said. We see it every day. It is in the daily example of man’s inhumanity to man. It is in the multitude of crime and violence everywhere in the world. These manifestations are nothing else but evil.”

To this the student replied, “Evil does not exist sir, anymore than darkness or cold exist. Evil is simply the absence of God. God did not create evil. Evil is the result of the creation turning away from God. When God is absent in man, the angels, or any part of the creation, then we describe the absence of all that is good in God with the word evil. Evil is like the cold that comes when there is no heat, or the darkness that comes when there is no light. Evil comes when there is no presence of God.”

The professor sat down.

receipe for humans


I’m not sure whom I should credit with this excellent explanation of a very tricky question.

I thank my partner Nick for blogging it.  If you wish to read Nick’s other blogs




The Mystery of Golgotha – The Crucifixion and Resurrection


The Mystery of Golgotha by R Steiner shows the Christ Consciousness entering the Earth, due the Crucifixion

Easter is the time Christians traditionally remember The Crucifixion and Resurrection of a Being known as Christ Jesus, Jesus of Nazareth, or Master Jeshua.  I wish to share my non-religious understanding of the ‘Mystery’ event based mainly on the teachings of Gnosticism and Rudolph Steiner through Anthroposophy ((anthro=man; sophy=wisdom). I believe these teachings to be the truth.  I realise this version of events may challenge you. Please begin with an open mind and an open heart and let yourself ‘feel the resonance’ as you read.


Some aspects of modern Easter celebrations pre-date Christianity. Lets take Easter Eggs for example what do they have to do with the crucifixion?

Ancient Goddess

According to the Venerable Bede, Easter derives its name from Eostre, an Anglo Saxon Goddess of Spring. A month corresponding to April had been named “Eostremonat,” or Eostre’s month, leading to “Easter” becoming applied to the Christian holiday that usually took place within it. Prior to that, the holiday had been called Pasch (Passover).


It seems probable that around the second century A.D., missionaries from the Church of Rome seeking to convert the tribes of northern Europe noticed that the Christian holiday commemorating the resurrection of Jesus roughly coincided with the Teutonic springtime celebrations, which emphasized the triumph of life over death. The Christian ‘Easter’ gradually absorbed the traditional symbolism of rabbits and eggs.

So now we’ve covered the paganistic origins let’s look at the non religious event I prefer to call The Mystery of Golgotha (after Rudolph Steiner’s channeled teachings) rather than the Crucifixion and Resurrection as portrayed by the Roman Church and Christian Dogma.

Firstly I need to share a definition with you

Definition : Christ.   or, more accurately : The Office of the Christ.

When I use the term Christ it is not meant in the Christian sense, it is used in the Universal sense.

There are different levels in the office of the Christ. There are the Planetary Christ, Solar Christ, Galactic Christ, Universal Christ, Multiversal Christ and Cosmic Christ. Metatron is at the level of Cosmic Christ.


Metatron the Cosmic Christ

All Masters of all religions and spiritual paths help their students become the Christ, it is not in truth a Christian term, it is a living presence and our authentic self.

Every Planet in every Galaxy and Universe call what Earth calls ‘Christ ‘  by a different name.

In short in becoming “Christed”, one embodies unconditional love.  So Jesus embodied unconditional love for the last three years of his life.


Much conflicting information has been proffered as to who Jesus of Nazareth (Jeshua, the son of Joseph ben Jacob and his wife Mary) was. Below is a likeness of Jesus, as he showed himself to the psychic artist.  Notice his dark hair yet blue eyes.  His eyes were not brown as is often portrayed and as you would expect of a person with a jewish middle eastern background.

Jesus 218

Master Jesus channelled image by  Divine Light Images Copyrighted by Peter and Birgitte Fich Christiansen, courtesy of :;

Lets begin with what he was not.   Jesus was not the only son of God – we are all sons and daughters of God.  In the last three years of his life Jesus became the physical vehicle in which the energy of the Sun God chose to incarnate. The Sun God is the Divine Solar Christ. The Sun gives life to the Solar System which could not exist without it.   The ancient act of Sun Worship was not as weird as it might have seemed.  The Solar System exists within the corona of the Sun so we could perceive ourselves as living within the body of the Sun.  A book by Anthroposophist Georg Blattmann titled” the Sun, the ancient mysteries and the new physics”, sheds light on this concept.

The Sun God is the source of the reflection of the Divine Feminine energy (aka Sophia by the Greeks, and Christ Consciousness by Lightworkers), in our solar system.

According to Rudolph Steiner “The Christ-Individuality was on the Earth in the body of Jesus of Nazareth for three years only and will not come again in a physical body. In the 1940’s the Christ-Individuality entered the Etheric Realm of the Earth and has remained there in Shamballa ever since in order to assist humanity”.


Etheric cities of light exist in the earth’s etheric realm. The etheric is the template for the physical. So these cities will eventually exist on earth in due course as we fully anchor into the 5th dimension

Rudolph Steiner, in his lecture series entitled From Jesus to Christ (10 lectures in Oct 1911) says:-

The Mystery of Golgotha was enacted for the sake of all men;

to rescue mankind from the decay of the physical body (ie. enable us to self heal).

Accepting the Mystery of Golgotha enables the Christ Consciousness

to assist you during sleep and wakefulness.

Prior to Golgotha the Christ Consciousness could only assist during sleep.

Christ Consciousness must be understood and accepted into the human body through the Hara Line in order that we may evolve. (more at

The Christ energy was first conceived in an earthly body at the Baptism of Jesus by John in the River Jordan.   The Sun God sent some of his Soul Aspects through the Hara Line of Jesus to enter his being.   The descent of the Being of the Sun into the darkness of earth was portrayed by many Old Masters of the 15th Century.  In their paintings a dove symbolised the Christ Light descending into the crown of Jesus.


Baptism of Jesus by Francesco Alban.


The birth of the Christ happened whilst Jesus was alone and forsaken on the cross three years later.   All prevailing cosmic love was brought out of the cosmos and born into the earthly world of men. Divine love, previously only present everywhere around and outside of earth now entered INTO Earth for the first time.

The Sun Being (Christ) gave his essence of divine love to the Earth through the blood and body of Jesus. When Christ Jesus died on the cross, at that moment, there was born for the Earth, something previously only found in the cosmos.

This amazing process of Jesus becoming Christed may seem hard to grasp.  A simple analogy in todays terminology might be that of ‘overshadowing’ as happens during trance channeling, or a ‘walk in’ experience. A ‘walk in’ soul aspect takes on the physical body as the previous consciousness leaves it. This prevents death of the physical and enables the new being to live immediately as a mature person rather than incarnate as a newborn baby.  This enables full recollection of past life and between life experience.  It also ensures a knowledge of Divine Truth and the real history of the cosmos.  Walk In’s usually come to teach and support humanity.  [A Walk in I have personally met is a female called Qala who lives in Australia and travels globally in order to teach humanity and perform earth healing ceremonies.  (The Celestial Project]

Subtle bodies

A human being has four bodies. One physical and three subtle. The subtle bodies are the Etheric, Astral and Spiritual Light Body (aka The I Am or Higher Self). According to Steiner Jesus had only 2 subtle bodies : etheric and astral.

The I AM body was the body that was entered and occupied by the Sun Being. Hence Jesus was then named Christ Jesus (or Jesus Christ) as there were now two beings residing within the same physical vehicle.


Auric field showing Etheric, Astral, Spiritual Bodies

The Risen body of Jesus consisted of his etheric form (ie. ethereal) as the I Am Body had ascended back to the Sun from whence the Soul Aspects came. The etheric body was not visible to everyone, only those who had clairvoyant ‘sight’. The disciples, Mary Magdelene, and Mother Mary all had clairvoyant sight.

In fact the title ‘Mary’ was an honourable title given to Essene Women who had attained Priestess status through study and living a very spiritually devout life. The women also were dressed in scarlet as a sign of their status.   Jesus of course, also lead a very spiritual life as a member of the Essene Cummunity and that is how his physical vehicle was purified and his vibration raised during 30 years to such a degree that he could receive the extremely high frequency of Light when the Sun God sent Soul aspects of himself to incarnate for three years in the body of Jesus.

The Christ Being suffered for three years as we suffer in the earthly third dimensional realm. He wanted to have the experience of incarnation in order to assist humanity heal and ascend out of the illusion. Then as the physical body of Christ Jesus was dying the blood ran from it and dripped into the earth so that the Christ Consciousness could enter the Earth through the blood. On the death of the physical body the etheric Christed Being entered into the dark depths of the Earth in order to REDEEM THE BODY OF THE EARTH (Gaia) and hence all the bodies of human beings who rely on our earth mother for our existence.



The dead body of Jesus still housed aspects of the Sun Being when the body was placed within the tomb in the garden of Gethsemane. An earthquake occurred and the stone placed over the door to the tomb rolled aside. A crack in the earth opened and the corpse of Jesus slid into the earth in a type of ‘divinely orchestrated burial’. As the body entered the earth the Christ light fully entered the Earth.

sun being

The Sun Being at the Resurrection from the Issenheim Altar Panel by Grunewald (all altar panels completed 1512-1516)

At the Resurrection three days later The Sun Being ascended back to the Sun his task fulfilled. He left the earth imbued with the Christ light and set the scene for all humanity to access the Christ Consciousness energy as Divine Grace to heal and evolve back to the authentic Christed Beings we were all originally created to be.

The Sun continues to enter earth but now the cosmic rays that carry the Divine Light enter through our crown chakra and into the Hara Line.   We act as a conduit to allow the Sun’s radiance as Christ Consciousness to continually enter the Earth.

According to Steiner the etheric Jesus is with us today in the etheric realm of earth in an etheric city known as Shamballa. He has been there since the 1940’s. This was known as the second coming. There will never be another earthly incarnation of the Christ being. We as humanity are charged with the role of allowing the Christ Consciousness to enter into our Earth mother through our Hara lines. We are the one we have been waiting for. We have the potential to be our own saviours and healers. We can invoke Divine Grace (ie. favour or blessing) and Divine Love by opening our hearts and asking to receive.

Evelyn Francis Capel published “The Reappearing of Christ” in 1983 in which she shows how the meaning and purpose of being human may be discovered by opening ourselves to be the conduit for the divine wisdom that is Christ Consciousness.  If we choose to resist we fall increasingly into physical and moral decadence.  She tells how the consciousness of Christ was put to death by materialism in the 19th Century and how in the 21stC we are destined to have our thinking revived by once again welcoming Christ Consciousness into our being.

Mary Magdelene

Does an ancient Christian text, discovered just over a century ago, shed new light on the lost teachings of Jesus?

Of all the earliest followers of Christ Jesus, none has sparked the level of interest generated by one particular woman – the figure known as Mary Magdalene. Revered as a saint, maligned as a prostitute, imagined as the literal bride of Christ, Mary of Magdala stands apart as an enigmatic individual about whom little is actually known, despite centuries of scholarly scrutiny and wild conjecture.


Mary Magdelene wore the scarlet robes of office of an Essene Priestess

All that most Western Christians know about her is presented in the New Testament Gospels, and even that information is disputed. But there is some general agreement: She was a faithful disciple of Jesus Christ  and along with several other women, she ministered to Christ and witnessed his death on the Cross. She was there when his body was placed in the tomb, when the stone was rolled away to reveal an empty chamber and the Christ appeared to her so it was she who brought the news of his Resurrection to the other disciples.

The second-century Gospel of Mary was found in the late 19th century by archaeologists but remained largely ignored and untranslated for 50 years. It is the only account named for a woman and offers a different view of Christianity – one that describes an “interior spirituality,” says Karen L. King, author of The Gospel of Mary of Magdala: Jesus and the First Woman Apostle.

In the Mary Magdalene account, “salvation is not something that comes from an external saviour,” says King. “One has to seek salvation within.” Thus, the Magdalene gospel depicts Jesus as a teacher rather than as a saviour who dies to atone for humanity’s sins.

In her introduction in The Complete Gospels, Karen King says:

“…the Gospel of Mary communicates a vision that the world is passing away, not toward a new creation or a new world order, but toward the dissolution of an illusory chaos of suffering, death, and illegitimate domination. The Sun God has come so that each soul might discover its own true spiritual nature, its ‘root’ in the Good, and return to the place of eternal rest beyond the constraints of time, matter, and false morality.”

Church finally admits Mary was not a whore

For 1,500 years, Mary Magdalene was portrayed, in art and theology, as a prostitute whose life was transformed by Jesus’ forgiveness. This notion, based on Luke 7:38, was the result of an erroneous sermon preached in 591 by Pope Gregory the Great. Jean-Yves Leloup, in his commentary on The Gospel of Mary, states:

“Mary’s identity as a prostitute stems from Homily 33 of Pope Gregory I, delivered in the year 591… Only in 1969 did the Catholic Church officially repeal Gregory’s labeling of Mary Magdalene as a whore, thereby admitting their error – though the image of Magdalene as the penitent whore has remained in the public teachings of all Christian denominations. Like a small erratum buried in the back pages of a newspaper, the Church’s correction goes unnoticed, while the initial and incorrect article continues to influence readers.”

The stain of immorality attached to the figure of Mary Magdalene averted attention away from the significant role she plays in the unfolding of Christ’s teachings. The importance of Mary is especially apparent in Gnostic texts – some among the earliest accounts of Jesus’ ministry – which have been largely suppressed and ignored by Roman Church authorities.

Gnostic Texts

Another Gnostic text – The Gospel of Thomas – reveals that women were disciples of Christ. However the New Testament only includes gospels written by men and distinguishes between the women of Christ’s life, and the ‘disciples’ – who are all male.

“You find in the [Gnostic] Gospel of Thomas that six disciples are named: Matthew and Thomas, James and Peter, Mary Magdalene and Salome,” says Prof. Elaine Pagels, professor of religion at Princeton University, and author of The Gnostic Gospels and Beyond Belief: The Secret Gospel of Thomas.

“Here, explicitly, Mary Magdalene is Jesus’ disciple. In the Gospel of Thomas and also the Gospel of Mary Magdalene, she is seen as an evangelist and a teacher, somebody who is gifted with revelations and teachings from Jesus which are very powerful and which enable her to be a spiritual inspiration to others.”

The Gnostics honoured equally the feminine and masculine aspects of nature, and Prof. Pagels argues Christian Gnostic women enjoyed a far greater degree of social and ecclesiastical equality than their orthodox sisters.

For Jean Yves-Leloup, the founder of the Institute of Other Civilisation Studies and the International College of Therapists, Mary Magdalene is the intimate friend of Jesus and the initiate who transmits his most subtle teachings.

His translation of The Gospel of Mary is presented in his book The Gospel of Mary Magdalene along with a commentary on the text which was discovered in 1896, nearly 50 years before the Gnostic Gospels at Nag Hammadi were found.


Nag Hammadi Scroll section

The Gospel of Mary can easily be divided into two parts. The first section (7,1-9,24) describes the dialogue between the risen Ethereal Christ and the disciples. He answers their questions concerning matter and sin.

“Christ teaches that sin is not a problem of moral ignorance so much as a manifestation of imbalance of the soul,” says James Robinson, Professor Emeritus of Religion at Claremont Graduate University.  “Christ then encourages the disciples to spread his teachings and warns them against those who teach of spirituality as an external concept rather than as an internal, experience,” says Robinson.

After he departs, however, the disciples are grieved and in considerable doubt and consternation. Mary Magdalene comforts them and turns their hearts toward the Good and a consideration of Christ’s words.

The second section of the text (10,1-23; 15,1-19,2) contains a description by Mary of special revelation given to her by Christ.  At Peter’s request, she tells the disciples about things that were hidden from them. The basis for her knowledge is a vision of the Lord and a private dialogue with Him. Unfortunately four pages of the text are missing here so only the beginning and end of Mary’s revelation are available.

Commenting on the text, Karen King writes: “The first question Mary asks Christ is how is it that one is able to see a vision. The Christ replies that the soul sees through the mind which is between the soul and the spirit.

This confrontation between Mary and Peter is well documented in a number of Gnostic scriptures. Mary exposes the small mindedness and superficiality of Peter and Andrew who find it difficult to comprehend, let alone accept, the deeper spiritual understanding Mary acquired through her personal experience and closer relationship with Christ.

James Robinson observes: “Indeed Peter and Andrew seem to prefer the very thing against which Christ warned them – a religion based on arbitrary ideas (in this case represented by Peter’s male chauvinism and Andrew’s ignorance). And yet many of their ideas have shaped modern Christianity while, paradoxically, Mary Magdelene’s spirituality, which here seems more consistent with the teachings of Christ, is unheard of today.”

Other Gnostic Texts

Mary Magdalene plays a prominent role in Gnostic traditions presented in other Gnostic works such as Pistis Sophia, The Dialogue of the Saviour and The Gospel of Philip, where she is extolled as a chief disciple of Christ, a visionary and mediator of Gnostic revelations.

In these texts she is praised as “the woman who knew the All” (The Dialogue of the Saviour), and “the inheritor of light” (Pistis Sophia), associated with the divine Wisdom.

One of the most intriguing of discoveries of the late nineteenth century was the Pistis Sophia (“Faith Wisdom” or “Faith of Wisdom”), an allegorical account of the Gnostic world-system. This text claims to report the interactions of Jesus Christ and the disciples after His Resurrection, but it differs radically from the canonical texts in its account of the spiritual powers ruling the universe, its belief in reincarnation, and its extensive use of magical formulae and invocations.

The text describes Jesus as a mystic teacher, whose main interactions are with powerful female disciples who embodied the Divine feminine principle as did Mary Magdalene.

To the ancients, the feminine principle Sophia was the veiled holy spirit of wisdom, pregnant with knowledge and inviting us to drink deeply from Her Cup. In Gnostic cosmology, Sophia is trapped in the material world and is liberated after mystical union with Christ. It’s also interesting to note the functions of the Holy Spirit are associated in biblical texts with women: consolation, inspiration, emotional warmth, and birth of the spirit.

Gnosticism and the Role of Women Teachers

Yeshua of Nazareth – Jean-Yves LeLoup

In Gnosticism: New Light on the Ancient Tradition of Inner Knowing, a modern day Gnostic bishop Stephan Hoeller states that Gnostic Christians hold a “conviction that direct, personal and absolute knowledge of the authentic truths of existence is accessible to human beings, and, moreover, that the attainment of such knowledge must always constitute the supreme achievement of human life.”

As Elaine Pagels says in her book The Gnostic Gospels, this emphasis on spiritual experience did not bode well for the Gnostics. If salvation is directly available to the individual, why does one need an organised church to act as a dogmatic mediator between the individual and God?

The confrontation between Peter and Mary Magdalene in The Gospel of Mary is representative of a conflict within Christianity that persists to this day. The story symbolises the confrontation between the traditional Apostolic-Pauline branch of Christianity and the Gnostics. It is also the conflict between the esoteric (the inner or mystical teachings) and the exoteric (the open or exterior teachings) dimensions of religion.

In the early days of Christianity the hierarchical organised church saw the Gnostic mystics, with their subversive openness of spirit and anti-authority stance, as a dangerous threat to its growing power. Unlike the Roman church, in Gnostic groups women were openly functioning as priests and teachers and enjoyed acceptance.

In the 2nd century CE, the Church Father Tertullian particularly objected to “those women amongst the heretics” who held positions of authority. He angrily attacked “that viper” – a woman who was the spiritual teacher of a Gnostic group in northern Africa.

He was outraged, writing: “These heretical women – how audacious they are! They have no modesty. They are bold enough to teach, and engage in discussion; they exorcise; they cure the sick, and it may be they even baptise!… They also share the kiss of peace with all who come.”

Although his views were in line with Jewish tradition from which Jesus had come, it is worth remembering Jesus himself had violated these conventions by openly communicating with women and including them amongst his most intimate followers.

For the Gnostics, one can only know the transcendent God through knowledge (gnosis) of Christ. Christ as the Sun God comes into the world to reveal the transcendent truth. When this concept is completely understood, one’s life assumes a new spiritual dimension, and the real virtues then begin to flow from a divine source.

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Solar Flares aid our self actualisation

St Germain through Méline Lafont has stated that “the year 2014, is the first year of the actualisation of all humanity’s wishes, realities, creations and preparations”.

In fact many initial shifts have already been brought about. For starters there are the intense solar flares which are having an enormous impact on our Earthly reality and also on our current consciousness and our embodiment.


Solar Flares : emissions of divine numinous messages and light photons that aid our evolution and healing

We must never underestimate the enormous powers and impulses of the flares as they represent a crucial link in our global Ascension process. The recent flares are truly significant because their intensity exceeds any previous ones. The energy literally rushes towards us with more powerful impulses and at an even faster pace than we can ever imagine. As impossible as it may seem the flares will intensify and increase. This will have the effect of helping achieve more awakenings and more shifts in people. The effect of the flares on us is a new experience that we have to adjust to.

Each solar flare is a huge creation and an activation which contributes to the actualization of our inner Self. It encourages a merger of the I AM Presence and the Christ Consciousness within us.

The flares are focused on assisting us release the illusion of the matrix and separateness allowing us to become more aware of the Multi Dimensional aspects of our Self. The aspects of us that are able to create easily what we need to achieve our full potential.

The Solar Flares are increasing in number and intensity and with each one a new batch of energy arrives here to fuel our quest for enlightenment (to enlighten means dissolving the darkness (fear) and accepting light (joy) in its place). Our DNA is being re-activated and the so called ‘junk DNA’ (Human Geneticist’s term) is being reactivated at a non 3rd dimensional level and coming into its own once again.

So once again the Sun God with the co-operation of Helios and Vesta the sun beings who inhabit the body of the Sun, are assisting humanity to Ascend.

Rudolph Steiner 1861 - 1925

Rudolph Steiner 1861 – 1925

Rudolf Steiner was born at Krajevic, Austria-Hungary (now Yugoslavia) on February 27, 1861. Although he had experienced encounters with the mystical and the unknown as a young child and was guided by an adept he would only refer to as the “Master,” Steiner’s early academic accomplishments were in the scientific fields. His father had wished him to become a railway engineer, so that had led Rudolf into a study of mathematics, which seemed only to whet his appetite for the material sciences, leading him to pursue studies in medicine, chemistry, physics, as well as agriculture, architecture, art, drama, literature, and philosophy.
Fascinated by the works of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Steiner began the extensive task of editing Goethe’s scientific papers, and from 1889 to 1896 worked on this project. It was also during this period that Steiner wrote his own highly acclaimed The Philosophy of Freedom.
When he was in his late thirties (c. 1897), Steiner received a revelation of concerning what he came to believe was the turning point in human spiritual history, the incarnation of the Divine Being known as the Christ. In the twentieth century, Steiner said, humankind began to enter the “fullness of time” when the Christ principle, cosmic consciousness, might once again become manifest. Steiner defined “Christ consciousness” as a transformative energy that greatly transcended orthodox Christianity.
In Steiner’s view, the Master Jesus became “christed” and thereby was able to present humankind with a dramatic example of what it means to achieve a complete activation of the spiritual seed within all human souls and to rise above all material considerations. In Steiner’s Tenth Lecture on the Gospel of St. Luke, he reflects that just as a plant cannot unfold its blossom immediately after the seed has been sown, so has humankind had to progress from stage to stage until the right knowledge could be brought to maturity at the right time. To Steiner, the Christ energy is the catalyst that germinates the seed that great Spirit Beings implanted within their human offspring. In 1913, Steiner set about forming his own group, the Anthroposophical Society, which he declared would be about the utilization of “human wisdom” (anthro=man; sophy=wisdom) to achieve contact with the spiritual world. The human intellect, Steiner insisted, could be trained to rise above material concerns and to perceive a greater spiritual reality. The human consciousness had the ability to activate the seed that the great Spirit Beings had implanted within their human offspring. Steiner emphasized that the path to such contact might best be attained by a proper application of meditation. When human consciousness had been raised to the spiritual level where it can experience the eternal element that is limited by neither birth nor death, then it can comprehend its own eternality and its ability to be born again in subsequent life existences.

Further Reading – all available from


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Ascension, Plato’s Cave and Cognitive Dissonance

You are no doubt wondering about the connection between Ascension, Plato’s Cave and Cognitive Dissonance. All will become clear I promise you. Lets begin by defining each of these three.

What is ascension?

Ascension does not involve going anywhere physically. It is a state of being. A focus of awareness and a raising of consciousness into a higher vibrational frequency. It is thinking outside the restrictions of the third dimension. It is conceiving of and perceiving, the metaphysical realm and acknowledging the part the non physical plays in the formation of the physical.

Energy always precedes form. Nothing can exist without energy being there first. We are eternal energy beings currently having a physical experience. Our true home is the Soul Plane. We are just visiting Earth. We have etheric bodies which are created in the Spirit world and which surround and give life to our physical body. The etheric body is invisible in normal light but in certain lighting conditions I see it as a strip of blue light floating above the skin a few centimeters thick. Plants and animals have these subtle energy bodies too and we can communicate with them telepathically through this commonality. Animal communicators are now enhancing the relationships between owners and pets.( Anna Breytenbach animal communicator)

Up until 1200 years ago we all made use of our pineal glands and were all clairvoyant. We gradually lost the ability. Our pineal glands shrank. (The Pineal Gland a power source)   In losing this ability we became separated from the Universal reality and imprisoned in a third dimensional illusion.

It is by completely stepping into your Reality, which means removing the very deeply rooted negative beliefs you are holding, that you become ascended and free in a Physical Light Body.

According to Plashdar of the Council for the Assistance to Earth,
Ascension is most likely very different from your beliefs on Ascension

The Council go on to say “Ascension is a physical body no longer bound by the illusions it was taught were real. All illusions hold more power than they seem to at first. They are given energy by the masses and they are fed by that energy to control you. You are being fed illusional beliefs all the time, but, you can choose to have understanding of your Reality.
The Reality, which you term your Higher Self, is not separate from you. It is not an aspect of you that is on a Higher dimension, therefore the term Higher Self, is inaccurate. Your Higher Self, is your Reality, which has been covered up by the beliefs that you hold that keep you from truly being Yourself. And Yourself, your Real Self, your Reality, is already ascended. “

An ascended being is a complete embodied incarnate being that has ceased to seek outside of self for anything such as love, respect, or acceptance. A being who has completely released all deeply rooted negative conditioning from culture and tradition that have given rise to the negative beliefs you live by.

Ascension is not leaving your body. That is not true Ascension. Ascension is overcoming ALL limitations of the body and allowing your Source energy, your Reality, to fill its body, your body temple. Right now you are filling your bodily home/temple with beliefs that cloud it and keep it in a false state of reality, but as the true Reality comes forward You, the Real You, fills the space rather than those limitations.

Cognitive Dissonance

head openCognitive means learned or known. Dissonance means a tension or clash resulting from the combination of two disharmonious or opposing elements.

Cognitive dissonance therefore is an inner conflict between what is currently believed and what is being perceived or presented as an opposing belief, which would be more beneficial if it were to be held. So this article may trigger in you some cognitive dissonance if you find here completely new ideas or concepts that are opposed to the beliefs you have been conditioned to have.

Some persons fancy that instruction is like giving eyes to the blind,
but we say that the faculty of sight was always there,
and that the soul only requires to be turned round towards the light.

Plato’s Cave allegory

So as I was pondering how cognitive dissonance prevents us from ascending I remembered the allegory used by the great Greek Philosopher Plato, (circa 427BC – 347BC. Student of Socrates), to teach his own student Glaucon the nature of Absolute Truth (with a capital T) from truth (with a small t). This is recounted in Plato’s book The Republic and given in full detail at the end of this article. However, for now, allow me to paraphrase and explain the Master’s teaching.

Here is a diagram of Plato’s Cave.


Here is the simplified narrative…….

Deep inside a dimly lit cave a group of prisoners are chained to a wall. They have spent their whole lives there and know no other ‘reality’. Not only are their limbs immobilized by the chains but their heads are also chained so that their eyes are fixed on a wall in front of them. On this wall is a continuous projection of shadow images that are created by hidden hands against the light of a fire behind them. The shadow world they see ‘on screen’ represents to the prisoners what they believe is the truth about life.

One day one of the prisoners suddenly has an impulse to escape from his chains. He leaves the darkness of the cave and emerges into the sun light of a ‘new world’ and realizes that the real Truth lies beyond his chains and the cave.

He is so excited to have discovered that he had spent his whole life under an illusion that he returns to the cave to share his revelation with the other prisoners. However, when he returns to the cave to speak with his peers with a desire to free them and share his new found Absolute Truth, the other prisoners refuse to believe him and want nothing more than for him to leave them alone. He courageously leaves the cave never to return. He chooses to live a new life outside the confines of the cave.


Here is an excellent short 8 minute video narrated by Orson Welles that will help you understand the allegory more deeply……

the cave image

Our own era’s Truth v truth

Let us further explore the Allegory of the Cave so we may understand how the cave analogy is playing out right now in our day to day life.


The mainstream media that feed humanity with so called ‘news’ are simply recounting propaganda, manufactured truth, supplied to them by those who would have us stay imprisoned and powerless in our illusionary reality. The newsreaders are, for the most part, unwitting puppets of the so called ‘shadow’ world government. Now let me give you a moment to think about that, because there is the first cognitive dissonance pill that you have just swallowed. How do you feel? Do you feel confused? Cheated? Angry? Insecure?

“good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly,
while bad people will find a way around the laws”

Well, here is some more information that will rock your world if you are hearing it for the first time. Democracy is a flawed political system. Plato saw this and his theory has played out perfectly. Because of the nature of the human ego, unless you are an Ascended Being, “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. ” said historian and moralist Lord Acton (1834–1902).

So Plato said the solution was to have Ascended Philosopher Kings as the Guides for their nations. His reasoning is explored in great detail in his book The Republic.

“The price good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.”

In our democracies we have a situation where, in the main, the politicians who pretend to be representing their voters are generally driven consciously or unconsciously by egoic self interest. Because of this they are easily coerced and manipulated.

We have materialistically minded scientists who have unwittingly ignored the true science which is Spiritual Science. You cannot be a true scientist without acknowledging the role consciousness plays in life.

Similarly the purely intellectually minded who have forgotten their hearts and ignored compassion have given us technology which sadly lacks integrity.

jefferson tyrannyThe money and greed driven ‘so called Big Pharma’ corporations owned in the main by the Rockefeller dynasty, who deliberately plot to confiscate herbal and natural remedies from the shelves of ‘health shops’ by insisting on costly clinical trials which are conducted by scientists who ignore the metaphysical and spiritual aspect of natural remedies anyway. Useless costly processes are required by law under the FDA (who were set up by and work purely in the interests of Big Pharma) to prove if these aids given freely to us by nature, that have been used successfully for hundreds if not thousands of years, really work.

Then of course we have the Banking System. ‘The Banksters’ – the Rothschilds, J P Morgan, Goldmann Sachs and a handful of other powerful families, who have created a system that risks paper money becoming worthless. Fiat money rose to prominence in 1971, when the United States ceased to allow the conversion of the dollar into gold! I wonder why? After all I was taught that paper money was a promissory note – a ‘promise to pay the bearer on demand’ the value of the note in gold or some other precious commodity that was used to back the currency. We’ve had over 40 years of inflation, derivatives, and recessions – so imagine how much paper has been printed since.

All these people are in the business of manufacturing the false truth that the public believes is real. These false truths are installed into human minds through the use of News programmes, TV, movies, books, and the internet. By the way did you know that Hitler’s Nazi regime commissioned scientists to invent a mind control machine that would be able to infect millions of people simultaneously. They were successful – and it was manufactured in America after the war and called television.

“In politics we presume that everyone who knows how to get votes
knows how to administer a city or a state.
When we are ill… we do not ask for the handsomest physician,
or the most eloquent one.”


False ‘truths’ propagated by the Science Delusion

The ‘science delusion’ began conveniently as a result of flawed thinking by Newton, Darwin et al because of a materialist view, ie. a refusal to believe in anything other than what we can see, hear, touch, taste or smell with our physical senses. And ended in enslavement and false limitation :-

Error one:
there is the assumption that nature and everything in it, plants, animals, and humans are mechanical or robotic machines.

Error two:
That the entire universe and everything in it, including our bodies, is made up of unconscious matter. Yet strangely our minds are somehow conscious. This illustrates one of the biggest problems in materialist science. Because in materialist science consciousness cannot possible exist. Yet it is acknowledged but exclusively within human brains.

Error three:
the laws of nature are fixed; they are the same as they were at the big bang and they will be the same forever. This infers that the “constants” such as the speed of light or the gravitational constant never change or vary.

Error four:
that both nature and the entire evolutionary process is purposeless, it has just come about by blind chance.

Error five:
biological inheritance and DNA operates only on a material level

Error six:
memories are stored as material traces inside the brain but no one knows how. All your memories are inside your head in some way stored in nerve endings or phosphorylated proteins or in some other way.

eye seesError seven:
your mind is inside your head, it is an aspect of the activity of your brain.

Error eight:
psychic phenomenon such as telepathy is illusory regardless of evidence to the contrary. That’s because the mind is inside the head and can’t have any effect on anything else, especially not over a distance.

Error nine:
mechanistic medicine such as drugs or surgery is the only kind that really works. Alternative and complementary therapies may appear to work, but that’s just because people would have got better anyway or it’s the placebo effect.

Recently it was refreshing to hear that Scientist Prof Lanza has begun to teach what he calls Biocentrism – ie. it is consciousness that creates the material universe, not the other way around. He also says he has proof that we go into another dimension after death of our physical body.

Honesty for the most part is far less profitable than dishonesty

So are you asking yourself yet, why would anyone wish to imprison humanity and have them believe in an unreal ‘reality’?

Well the answer lies in ego and human frailty – greed and a need to control. Remember “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Elsewhere in the Universe, outside of the third dimension, there is no ‘personal individual mind’. There is only a ‘collective’ type of mind in that all nations of beings are telephathic and work together as one unit for the good of all because of the heart mind’s love impulse that motivates them. Here on earth during Atlantean times we were granted an ‘individual mind’ – aka ‘free will’ – as an experiment to see what we would manifest as Creator Beings. Because of this intellectual thinking ability we naturally found ourselves in duality. We have two minds. A heart mind that acts as intuition and a thinking mind that generates new ideas and concepts. The polarity was thus set up. We have the ability to choose between love and hate. Dark and light. Truth and lies. Victim or perpetrator.

The individual mind invented lying due to the belief that we couldn’t be found out because clairvoyancy and telephathy had ceased to be a natural ability. We eventually became devolved humans and fell from grace.

“How can you prove whether at this moment we are sleeping,
and all our thoughts are a dream;
or whether we are awake,
and talking to one another in the waking state? “Plato

Spiritual Truths

Imagine for a moment a world where everyone knows these ten spiritual truths because they were taught in school, spoken of in the mainstream media, in our religious institutions and in our history books.

1. We are spiritual beings, Souls that never die, temporarily inhabiting a human body

2. Everything is energy vibrating at a certain frequency. There is nothing truly solid in existence.

3. Our thoughts create our reality.

4. Re-Incarnation is a fact

5. Karma is a fact- indeed there are four types of karma:-

The sum total of accumulated past life karma. The burden of your past which is in your ‘account’ and needs to be redeemed at some stage in your existence.

Prarabdha Karma
Part of the sanchita karma which is currently activated in your present life and which influences the course of your life. You are either reducing it or increasing it depending upon your actions.

Agami Karma
Arises out of current life activities that will be experienced by you in coming lives. So this is added to your sanchita karma

Kriyamana Karma
Consequences already experienced in this life or that will be in the near or distant future

6. We are never alone. We could not exist here without help from our spirit guides and angels, or high vibrational beings of light who made agreements with us to help steer us on the path toward the goal of ascension. They exist in another vibrational level or dimension higher than ours.

7. Time is an illusion.

8. Love is all there is.

9. We are multi dimensional divine beings designed as co-creators of our reality

dia the cave

“We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark;
the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.”

How we create our personal reality

PerspectiveOur ‘reality’ is what we perceive it to be through our physical senses and our nervous system. Yet this system plays tricks on us. We receive into our minds 40 billion bits of information per second. Yet, we can only process 2000 bits. We have to ignore 39,800 billion bits in creating our reality. So we can convince ourselves that what we perceive is real. But it is not a true reflection of Reality, how can it be so?

“Courage is knowing what not to fear.”

How others influence how we create our reality

Add to this that we are being fed wrong information about the nature of our world by our news media. For example have you heard anything on the news about the very real threat Fukushima poses to our planet. This is the real environmental threat of the moment. Radiation is poisoning our seas and food supply. 300 tonnes of irradiated water is pumped daily into the Sea of Japan on one side of the Pacific and it has reached the other side already. The Californian coast is showing signs of radiation poisoning of marine life. Starfishes are ‘melting’ on the beaches. The Pacific is the world’s largest body of water covering about one third of the Earth’s surface. This massive ocean is double the size of the Atlantic and contains twice its volume of water. The Pacific and surrounding seas like the Sea of Japan exceeds 179 million square kilometres. All of the continental land masses on the planet could be placed in the Pacific Ocean, and there would still be room left over. Yet the mainstream media, MSM, continues to tell us not to worry. They report instead on greenhouse gases and carbon footprints, which whilst we must be cogniscent of these issues they pale into insignificance if radiation kills us and the planet. (for those lightworkers interested in hearing a different take on the effects of radiation read Laura Bruno Medical Intuitive )

And I’m not going to mention the fact that warmongerering is a money making ruse.

“Only the dead have seen the end of war”


Can you see me? There I am the Philosophic Educator rescuing a potential philosopher- you!

This image says it all. Politicians decide what is good for us.

Evidence of  UFO contact  has been withheld from the public since the Roswell Incident in 1949.  The Hon. Paul Hellyer was the Canadian Minister of National Defense in the 1960′s during the cold war and has turned whistle-blower.  He is the the highest ranking person among all g8 countries to openly speak about UFOs and extraterrestrials which he has been doing for quite some time now. He has stated that there are at least 4 known alien species that have been visiting Earth for thousands of years.

The politicians continue to ignore or denigrate the philosophers (and these days imprison the honest citizen whistle-blowers like Bradley /Chelsea Manning ) who know the truth about what the US government’s military’s agenda really is.


Movie makers play with our minds and emotions and instill values in us. Fashion gurus influence our art and the way we dress. The entertainment industry creates idols for us to worship and emulate. The marketing people create must have Brand names to encourage us to consume.

Please tell me you have escaped the programming.

Please think outside the box.
Please spend a night with the TV off and your thinking cap on.
Please take time to check the facts of what I have presented here.

We must return to a spiritual science worldview as taught by ancient and modern Philosophers, Gurus and Spiritual teachers and let go of the erroneous materialist Newtonian and Darwinian thinking that our educators conditioned us into believing which keeps us thinking inside the box and encourages the erroneous belief that we are small and powerless.

“The measure of a man is what he does with power.”

Self Help Guide

Resolve cognitive dissonance and free yourself from dis-empowering beliefs……

This 5 minute last thing before sleep DAILY REVIEW* exercise will enable you to balance the heart mind and the head mind and expand your consciousness. It will assist you live life more authentically as your real divinely guided ‘Higher Self’. It also ensures a ‘clean slate’ on waking the next morning. We must all learn from our thoughts and feelings otherwise they are useless.

It is very useful and beneficial to write the answers in a journal.

A mental review is excellent otherwise.

1. Thinking:-

Who was directing my thinking today? Was it me?

2. Will:-

Who was directing my will and actions today? Was it me?

Did I give up my will today?

Did I behave congruently with what my inner guidance told me?

Did I hand my personal power over to others today?

Have I been self-directed today?

Was my heart in what I did today?

3. Feelings and emotions:-

What did I feel today?

Can I own the feelings I experienced?

Do I feel ashamed of the feelings I had?

Did I display a lack of empathy with others?

4. What positive learnings can I preserve from the thoughts I’ve had today?

What positive learnings can I preserve from the feelings I’ve experienced today?

How can I take what I have learned and use it to help myself in the future?

5. Was I impartial/unprejudiced/non judgmental today in my encounters with others?

6. Did I set boundaries that support me in balancing my social interactions with my personal needs? (if these two are in balance it assists us to remain open hearted and free of resentment)

7. Did I allow myself to be open to the unexpected today?

– * –

We start off by knowing truth. Truth is our natural habitat. The truth is forgotten as the cognitive and conditioned limiting beliefs take over and create an un-natural habitat. Eventually we release the beliefs and re-discover Truth and we flourish once again in our natural habitat.

I look forward to welcoming you as a Philosopher in Earth’s ascended True Reality.

Namaste until next time

PS. Original Text of Plato’s Cave allegory from The Republic

the republicFor those of you who would like to read the original text in The Republic where Plato tells the allegory of the cave to explain to his student Glaucon the nature of illusion here it is in its entirety……

BOOK VII of ‘the Republic’

Socrates: And now I will describe in a figure the enlightenment or unenlightenment of our nature – Imagine human beings living in an underground den which is open towards the light; they have been there from childhood, having their necks and legs chained, and can only see into the den. At a distance there is a fire, and between the fire and the prisoners a raised way, and a low wall is built along the way, like the screen over which marionette players show their puppets. Behind the wall appear moving figures, who hold in their hands various works of art, and among them images of men and animals, wood and stone, and some of the passers-by are talking and others silent.

Glaucon: ‘A strange parable,’ he said, ‘and strange captives.’

Socrates: They are ourselves, I replied; and they see only the shadows of the images which the fire throws on the wall of the den; to these they give names, and if we add an echo which returns from the wall, the voices of the passengers will seem to proceed from the shadows. Suppose now that you suddenly turn them round and make them look with pain and grief to themselves at the real images; will they believe them to be real? Will not their eyes be dazzled, and will they not try to get away from the light to something which they are able to behold without blinking? And suppose further, that they are dragged up a steep and rugged ascent into the presence of the sun himself, will not their sight be darkened with the excess of light? Some time will pass before they get the habit of perceiving at all; and at first they will be able to perceive only shadows and reflections in the water; then they will recognize the moon and the stars, and will at length behold the sun in his own proper place as he is.

Last of all they will conclude:- This is he who gives us the year and the seasons, and is the author of all that we see. How will they rejoice in passing from darkness to light! How worthless to them will seem the honours and glories of the den! But now imagine further, that they descend into their old habitations;- in that underground dwelling they will not see as well as their fellows, and will not be able to compete with them in the measurement of the shadows on the wall; there will be many jokes about the man who went on a visit to the sun and lost his eyes, and if they find anybody trying to set free and enlighten one of their number, they will put him to death, if they can catch him. Now the cave or den is the world of sight, the fire is the sun, the way upwards is the way to knowledge, and in the world of knowledge the idea of good is last seen and with difficulty, but when seen is inferred to be the author of good and right – parent of the lord of light in this world, and of truth and understanding in the other.

He who attains to the beatific vision is always going upwards; he is unwilling to descend into political assemblies and courts of law; for his eyes are apt to blink at the images or shadows of images which they behold in them – he cannot enter into the ideas of those who have never in their lives understood the relation of the shadow to the substance. But blindness is of two kinds, and may be caused either by passing out of darkness into light or out of light into darkness, and a man of sense will distinguish between them, and will not laugh equally at both of them, but the blindness which arises from fullness of light he will deem blessed, and pity the other; or if he laugh at the puzzled soul looking at the sun, he will have more reason to laugh than the inhabitants of the den at those who descend from above.

There is a further lesson taught by this parable of ours. Some persons fancy that instruction is like giving eyes to the blind, but we say that the faculty of sight was always there, and that the soul only requires to be turned round towards the light. And this is conversion; other virtues are almost like bodily habits, and may be acquired in the same manner, but intelligence has a diviner life, and is indestructible, turning either to good or evil according to the direction given. Did you never observe how the mind of a clever rogue peers out of his eyes, and the more clearly he sees, the more evil he does? Now if you take such an one, and cut away from him those leaden weights of pleasure and desire which bind his soul to earth, his intelligence will be turned round, and he will behold the truth as clearly as he now discerns his meaner ends. And have we not decided that our rulers must neither be so uneducated as to have no fixed rule of life, nor so over-educated as to be unwilling to leave their paradise for the business of the world? We must choose out therefore the natures who are most likely to ascend to the light and knowledge of the good; but we must not allow them to remain in the region of light; they must be forced down again among the captives in the den to partake of their labours and honours. ‘Will they not think this a hardship?’

You should remember that our purpose in framing the State was not that our citizens should do what they like, but that they should serve the State for the common good of all. May we not fairly say to our philosopher – Friend, we do you no wrong; for in other States philosophy grows wild, and a wild plant owes nothing to the gardener, but you have been trained by us to be the rulers and kings of our hive, and therefore we must insist on your descending into the den. You must, each of you, take your turn, and become able to use your eyes in the dark, and with a little practice you will see far better than those who quarrel about the shadows, whose knowledge is a dream only, whilst yours is a waking reality. It may be that the saint or philosopher who is best fitted, may also be the least inclined to rule, but necessity is laid upon him, and he must no longer live in the heaven of ideas. And this will be the salvation of the State. For those who rule must not be those who are desirous to rule; and, if you can offer to our citizens a better life than that of rulers generally is, there will be a chance that the rich, not only in this world’s goods, but in virtue and wisdom, may bear rule. And the only life which is better than the life of political ambition is that of philosophy, which is also the best preparation for the government of a State.

science delusion

In his book “Science Set Free: 10 Paths to New Discovery”. (UK edition is titled The Science Delusion) Rupert Sheldrake explores the truth around each of the above flawed beliefs.

*Daily Review modelled on R Steiner’s teachings with grateful thanks.

Astrology overview of the 12 signs

Know Thyself  –   an ancient adage……We all love to know more about ourselves and astrology offers us a great insight into our own nature and how we relate to others. I am an Aquarian and my partner is a Pisces. After reading Rick DiClemente’s short article on the 12 signs I was more understanding of the nature of our connection – I hope this information will assist you reduce conflict and increase acceptance of the people in your life

Each Sign Can Only Do What It Can Do

Each Sign is Busy Doing What it Does

and is Not Busy Doing What it Doesn’t Do

When one truly understands the nature of each sign it’s much easier to comprehend another’s total spectrum of behavior. In a perfect world, we would all express a well-balanced blend of all 12 of the zodiacal archetypes. In the real world, however, most of have an emphasis on 4 or 5 signs and tend to favor our Sun sign to a great degree.1381408_525093657576938_2051024287_n

The archetypes of the 12 signs are specific energy patterns and need to be expressed to their fullest in the most pure form possible. Naturally, each sign can be ill-represented or even twisted and deviate from its pure intention, if you will. This is why it behooves us to know about the true nature of each archetype.

Aries – is in a hurry. Aries is made to go! That simple. It is not made to wait, delay, be cautious or think of other’s needs. It sees something – it wants it – it goes after it. Their beauty is simplicity and innocence. We must understand their impulses. They don’t go from point A to point B, bypassing you in the middle in order to slight you or snub you.

They simply have to get to point B

Theirs is the symbol of the Ram. This is no coincidence. The Ram head-butts its way through life’s experiences. Sometimes innocent bystanders get bruised in the process. These strong archetypal impulses are not going to be denied. If they are, the Aries dies in some fashion – and, we can’t have that. There are few things sadder, astrologically speaking, other than an Aries native who has been taught to squelch their own fire.

Aries is not going to shoot itself in the foot so that you can get what you want – they take care of themselves because they have to. They have things to do, so they do it.

They can’t slow down. They act impulsively. This sign does not move with pre-thought or caution – it just goes after it. Moving in this fashion keeps the Aries archetype light and fiery. They don’t think of themselves as innocent – they know nothing else! This child-like sign is precisely what is necessary at this introductory stage – pure uncomplicated being.

Taurus – Let’s slow this thing down a bit! Taurus is in nooo hurry. This powerful Earth sign inherits a world that has been too frenzied. Taurus instinctively understands that the Arian wind will blow us all away if it is allowed to continue unabated. Now, its instinct is to stay put, dig in, and moor itself to the roots of the land.

If that tends to make the Taurus boring, so be it. They’d rather watch reruns on TV than subject themselves to the chaos of a frenetic lifestyle. You can’t hurry a Taurus because they are busy erecting a permanent home and they will not allow another to alter their sure and steady pace – like the tree Ents from Tolkein’s Trilogy. These things take time. Because of this staid sign, we have a basis upon which to center our actions.

As with all Earth archetypes, they will atrophy without enough change and movement. Taurus’ tree can’t survive with only roots. Its limbs must reach upward and outward towards the Sun for its life-giving nutrients. That is their challenge.

This sign feels content with jobs that are repetitive and consistent. Other signs would blow a gasket confined to those limitations.

To Taurus, sameness is comforting and secure

If you are a shoe salesman, don’t bother stopping at their door. “Comfortable”, “old,” and “worn” shoes are their number one preferences.

Gemini – Things change again as we go from sign to sign. Gemini’s essence couldn’t be farther from the nature of the Bull. The Twins welcome change as much as Taurus abhors it. We’ve discussed how this sign is accurately symbolized by the butterfly flitting from flower to flower. That’s Gemini. It’s not made to sit still, or for that matter to “take a stance.” Taking a stance is rigid, limiting, and just plain no fun.

Yes, it can be irritating trying to keep this sign on subject, but there are just so many fascinating aspects of life; how can they waste an entire sentence on one topic? The changeability of the Twins reflects their considerable flexibility and inexhaustible curiosity.

You can bark up an elm tree if you want. Bark and bark and bark. But still, it remains an elm tree and won’t become an oak. It is so common for us to try and try to change someone else’s spots! It’s just not going to happen. With the case of Gemini, it’s very clear to see – they are childlike and that’s just who they are. They are not behaving in a particular way in order to annoy anybody. It’s just the way it is.

Gemini is not Taurus, and vice versa. The Twins are not going to stay put when such resoluteness would be their ticket to boredom and stagnancy. Of course they’re going to change their point of view constantly and be labeled as being fickle. There are just so many points of view available; why should they be forced to choose just one?

Cancer – This archetype is all about feeling safe and being emotionally secure. It doesn’t matter if others have to constantly reassure Cancer; that’s what they need to survive this frequently unfeeling world. Cancer commonly projects its hypersensitivity onto others. This is what makes them so sensitive to your needs. At the same time, this hypersensitivity exaggerates the dangers that they have to constantly face. To this sign, the world can be a dangerous place and one that must be guarded against at all costs.

Yes, they’re going to stay close to their family and nest and that’s just the way it is. Usually, you’ll not find them flailing about with a wild array of friends (unless the Moon placement differs.) Staying close and safe is their pressing need. They often come across as being dependent, that’s just the way they are. And, if you meet their needs, they most likely will meet yours.

Cancer needs understanding and compassion. One must be careful not to get drawn into codependency with this sign. They are usually much more capable of dealing with life’s stresses than they think; however, they have to learn this hard lesson in their own time. You’re just not going to bowl over a Cancer. If you are considered to be a threat to this sign, then expect their door to be closed to you. When you are tender inside, you simply must protect yourself (and yours) from the outside world.

Leo – Leo is infused with a strong sense of self and seeks recognition, appreciation and respect. That’s what they need. Leo has a burning necessity to validate itself, and the way they do that is by expecting and demanding veneration.

Leos are not going to put themselves down or be quiet as they are a “fixed-fire” sign. The flame of this sign burns constantly and brightly. Smaller selves might want to hide or dim their internal light – not Leo! Lions are confident, or at least act that way. In either case, that’s truly what they seek – confidence. If you are not going to respect Leos for who they are, you’d best move on for both of your sakes. Ruled by the Sun, they are here to shine!

What would we all do with a timid Sun?

Leo is the most colorful of the zodiacal ring. We must appreciate their broad spectrum of expression. This is what they do. They can’t collapse their peacock plumes into a neat, compressed, little bundle. They are meant to fan those feathers and display life’s colorful palette! Leo’s passion cannot be subdued; theirs is an exuberant world.

Virgo – If something isn’t right, fix it. Of course, determining what is broken is in the eye of the repairman. Virgo is largely misunderstood and new light has been shed upon this unappreciated sign since its new pairing to the comet/asteroid/planet Chiron. Virgo is more a “purist” than a perfectionist. There is a difference. Because of the Centaur Chiron, Virgo cares and will go the extra mile to “make something right.”

Yes, this can really bug more laid-back signs, but that’s simply their quintessence. Their eye is for detail and they are seldom wrong when they find a “mistake” or blemish. You simply cannot make a Virgo comfortable with things that are out of order or are incomplete. This is why so many of them end up in the medical/nursing field; they need to fix people. Thank God.

As with all signs, they need to develop the exact opposite traits, but it’s much easier said than done. Can you imagine what the Virgoan impulse must feel like? They exceed expectations in order to do what is “right” because they care that much. This archetypal impetus comes from Chiron. It certainly does not come from being an earth or mutable sign, and certainly not from the traditional ruling planet, Mercury.

It’s from Chiron

Virgo definitely needs to learn to relax and not be so obsessed with being productive. This is one of their major battles. No, you cannot criticize them – not even “constructively.” They hear it enough from within. It’s a tough sign to be; step aside and let them continue to put a spit-shine on everything that’s dull.

Libra – Everything is beautiful… at least it should be. This Venusian sign is all about grace. Yes, Librans cares about how they look, and as a matter of fact, how everything looks. Life’s allure should be reflected in all things. Libra’s movements are smooth, tactful, and in sync with social graces. Don’t expect them to act quickly and decisively. Their strength is in their ability to assess situations and give equal consideration to all sides – the Scales.

This archetype believes that life is an art-form. No, they’re not going to go to the mall wearing sloppy clothes. Yes, they’ll keep their appointment for their stylist and manicurist each month. They won’t face you down with an ugly shouting match. In every way, this classy sign wants decorum used in all of life’s exchanges. True, they do have a hard time making up their minds, because to do so, is to favor one side of the argument. That’s not for them.

The symbol of the Scales is symbolic of balance and fairness. Libra feels a great need to fit in and be accepted socially. It’s everything to this sign to be savvy and smooth. Libra is lithe, gently curved and sleek. This seventh sign is synonymous with finesse. If you want to go camping and roughing it, they’ll meet you at the Ritz for a drink when you’re done.

Scorpio – What a sign. Known for fixed feelings, Scorpios know how they feel and you’re not going to change that. This intense section of the zodiac yields souls who are passionate and courageous. If you want to know how they feel, they’ll tell you. And it won’t be in lukewarm terms either. Typically, they’ll love you or hate you – one of the two. They expect you to be as devoted to them as they are to you; there is no happy medium. That was for Libra.

Scorpio prides itself on delving into life’s challenges, fully engrossed. They need to become one with their object of affection and this serves to turn up the heat. While most people long for intimacy, Scorpio dies on the vine without it. Don’t expect this impassioned archetype to cool off – to be mild – to forgive and forget – or to let things slide. Scorpios that vibrate to a higher octave only know how to do one thing, i.e., burrow into life’s marrow.

If you don’t have an affinity for the heat in the kitchen, then you’d be best retiring to the cool breeze of the porch. The fires of emotional challenges keep this sign sharp and strong. No other sign faces itself more directly and boldly than this one. Self-honesty is their strong suit and if you expect them to ease up, you’d be happier with a meeker soul. If you are going to be with them, you’re just going to have to face your own demons head-on.

Sagittarius – Speaking of contrast… Sag wants it light, loose and playful. Usually most people get along well with the sign of the Archer. A truth-seeker, this sign is excitedly interested in broadening themselves. Travel, philosophy, learning; any way to expand their horizons is for them. If you want to live in a small, careful world, look elsewhere. If you expect them to hold their tongue or keep their opinions to themselves, well, you’re in for many blunt surprises.

This fun-loving sign wants to spread its wings and enjoy life! Their ability to let things roll off of their back is refreshing and renowned. Don’t look for this sign to cross the “t’s” and dot the “i’s.” Leave care to the careful signs. Sagittarius has a somewhat devil-may-care attitude to say the least. This ninth sign of the zodiac is not comfortable with downers or pessimists. If this footloose sign feels that their company is too dour, they’re out of there.

We cannot expect this sign to buckle down with self-limitation and iron-clad discipline. It’s just not them.

Honesty is such an impulse for this sign that even if it is delivered in a blunt manner, then so be it.

Capricorn – If you need to be sure of everything, well, you’re in the right place! Certainty, specificity, caution, and surefire control is the M.O. with this archetype. That’s what they do – they make sure. Don’t expect them to loosen up; they usually can’t. Do not look to them for flippancy, for slippery tongues, or for frivolity. It’s not for the Mountain Goat. There is no place for flippancy or carelessness on the high peaks of a mountain.

Capricorn is possessed with a great sense of duty and responsibility to the world. Their fatherly instinct is to guarantee that the chicks get fed. Their domain knows no carelessness, recklessness, or lack of thoroughness. You can count on this sign more than any other. It is not easy for this obedient sign to color outside the lines. If you are looking for a free spirit, then look to the fire or air signs.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for dependability, consistency, and steadfastness; pick the Goat. While other signs are cheerier and more cavalier, Capricorns pride themselves on their self-control and restraint. This is what Capricorn does. It carefully goes about its proven routine keeping things nice and steady and controllable. Rock-solid.

Aquarius – This free-spirit is the epitome of individuality and free will. Never lay your expectations on them. They don’t even know what the word expectation means! If you want to predict Aquarian behavior, well, spin the wheel! Don’t tell this sign what to do – they won’t even hear you. They only know the sound of their own distinct drummer; no matter what song you hear. The Aquarian archetype is an extremely evolved design and is greatly under-appreciated.

They wrote the book on true friendship. The Water-Bearer follows their fresh spirit in order to share all of life with everyone. They admire and appreciate the great diversity of unique souls. Don’t look to them to follow or be conservative, and never pigeon-hole them – they’ll constantly surprise you.

This is how their spaceship maneuvers. They are free and intend on staying that way. If you think you’re going to get an Aquarian to lock down their behavior in order to comply with some outer social pressure; think again. Because Aquarians are so tolerant of others, they naturally generate mutual respect.

This next-to-last sign is always waiting for the rest of civilization to catch up with them. Their realm is usually 30 to 40 years ahead of the pack. They live for the future and ideal possibilities. If you don’t want to work with them to make a better world, then please step aside.

Pisces – The hardest sign for last. Where can one even start? Pisces floats with the wind. No, they might not show up for tomorrow’s meeting on time – they might not pick the most compatible partner – they don’t seem to act with any kind of inner consistency. Why? Because they’re just not made to do so. They are called by the spirit of life. It’s that simple. And that very same spirit knows its own truth and is not subject to Newtonian law, parallelograms or any instruction booklet.

The number one sign for unconditional love, Pisces can’t see any difference between any two people. We’re all “God’s children” to the Fishes and the undifferentiated sea is home for the greater soul. Don’t try to pin Pisces down.

Did you ever try to hold a fistful of water?

Don’t try to stop their daydreaming. Their dreamworld is probably much more real to them than what’s on the blackboard. Pisces are made to love one another – a trait we all could use much more of.

Pisces is not made to criticize or segregate. Their nature is to stay close to God’s will or universal intention, however you wish to say it. They do not live in accordance with worldly laws or expectations. The fabric of Pisces is ephemeral, amorphous, and mercurial. They drift with the tides.

Don’t expect them to be definitive or rational or imperious. Perhaps we’re just too busy looking at a map of how things should be instead of picking up intuitively on how things really are. It is said that everything will be O.K. with you, as soon as you are O.K. with everything.

The beautiful Fishes seldom struggle upstream 

Many of us don’t see the ways of the stream

The impeccable current

With grateful thanks to Rick DiClemente my favourite Intuitive Astrologer

Ricks’ new book is The Equisite Zodiac


Love is all there is

Lets talk about that four letter word that drives us, L O V E.


Let’s discuss what it is, what it does, how it affects us, how we pervert it and how we can express it healthily.

Bob Marley wrote “Peace is the new gateway that will send all of humanity into the era of love”.  It was heartening to see the recent humanitarian support for peace when governments were advocating war.  Let us hope we are moving through the gateway now.thought of love upliftsLove is all there is.  Everything in existence was created from Love as its raw material.  I have a beautiful translation of Lao Tzu’s teaching the Tao Te Ching by famous Acupuncturist Ralph Alan Dale. According to Dr Dale :

“It is love that uniquely expresses our deepest un-armoured bonds with each other.  On the highest level we become love. Our language, like all other aspects of our culture, tends to obfuscate our loss of wholeness and humanity.  Since the experience of love requires this very wholeness and humanity that we have, for the most part lost, our use of the term most often refers to the perversions of love that are compensatory for this loss.

We might differentiate five types of love.  The first three are pathological contradictions of the Source / All That Is / Creator or Great Integrity as Lao Tzu termed it, and the last two are healthy expressions of it.

Possessive Love

The first type of love, a pathological type,  is possessive love, that is loving an object because we are capable of possessing it, or at least believing that we possess it.  Even one’s mate may be loved as an object.  This is the most alienated form of love and is widely practiced since the so called ‘civilisations’ of the past five thousand years have been focused on the act of possessing.  All objects are viewed for their value to exchange and accumulate.  Success is defined as the power to accrue and maintain the largest number of desirable objects.  People too are objectified, primarily as the means to create the objects to be acquired, so control over those who produce those objects becomes a basic test of success.  The objectification of nature and of human labor, when extended to personal relations takes many forms, for example, male chauvinism, which is a typical expression of love as a possession.  Clearly, objective love is not only toxic to our humanity, but inverts and perverts the very act of loving itself, turning it from a selfless and spontaneous experience of human fulfillment to a selfish and manipulative act.

bertrand on love

Co-Dependent Love

The second type of love, another pathological type,  is sometimes referred to as co-dependent love.  It is rooted in the experience of powerlessness and expresses itself as an addiction to control or to be controlled.  A relationship of co-dependent love is a struggle for competing dependencies and results in the mutual exploitation of immaturities.  Co-dependency prevents self-growth and independence, as well as genuine fulfillments.  It is also a contradiction of the Source / All That Is / Creator or Great Integrity but on a lesser level than the first possessive type of love.

Romantic Love

The third type of love, again pathological in nature,  might be called romantic love.  It is generally an unconscious escapist attempt to compensate for the absence of self-appreciation.  It is therefore generally a search for that ‘perfect’ mate who is imagined as having the qualities that the romantic lover lacks.  Although less pathological than possessive or co-dependent love, romantic love also contradicts the Source / All That Is / Creator or Great Integrity by its compensatory functions that drive a wedge between the essential self and the imagined deficient self, as well as between the essential other and the imagined ‘perfect’ mate.

Subjective Love

The fourth type of love, a healthy type, is subjective love.  It is the expression of a state of lovingness.  There are no ulterior motives, no objects of material value to be acquired.  The person who experiences subjective love is relatively without armour.  Love is freely given and received.  In such love, we are not fixated on a single possessive or co-dependent or romantic object of our love but we love, and are loved, by many people.  Moreover, in subjective love, not only human beings but animals, birds, plants, rocks, art, the entire gamut of nature and the environment, indeed the entire universe tends to be experienced in a loving way.  In the fourth form of love many layers of armouring are shed, and we live more in harmony with each other, with nature and with our own human natures.  It is the healthiest and most fulfilling level of love that our present day epoch of transition offers as a potential expression of the Great Integrity.

Toroidal heart field
Toroidal heart field

Becoming Unconditional Love

In the fifth type we will experience love beyond its objective and subjective forms.  We will become love. It is the experience of our total humanity, stripped of every premise of aggressive civilization.  It is complete self and social actualization.  Indeed it is the ideal state of being that Lao Tzu defines as the Great Integrity and is realisable only in this New Age of Truth when we achieve full consciousness and ascend into the fifth dimension.

As long as we live in acquisitive societies, we will be deprived of the fifth type of love, which is to say that all of us will experience it when we ascend as we will then fully experience the Great Integrity.

Love as a healing force

Some of the most respected genetic biochemists such as Dr. Leonard Horowitz and Dr. Puleo, suggest that frequency 528Hz is the repair frequency for damaged DNA.  528hz has been termed the ‘love frequency’.  At this precise frequency the clustered water molecules that surround and support the DNA structure form a perfect six-sided hexagon. This demonstrates how important it is to our health and vitality to support and maintain our energetic coherence on all levels of our lives. Even the slightest deviation in resonance on the cellular level can cause the frequency that supports the beautiful and magical six-sided hexagon to become something less coherent.

Solfeggio – Love Music – repairs DNA


Love frequency is 528hz. If you want to hear what that sounds like click the link…..

The Solfeggio frequencies you will hear on Cosmos are from a special old musical scale used in ancient music, chants and ceremonies. The ancient Solfeggio tones were believed to enable spiritual blessings, healing and transformation when played or sung in harmony.

Each note of the ancient Solfeggio scale has a different tuning from the conventional musical scale, these tones provide a new stimulus to the mind and physical system. It has recently been accepted by scientists that it can be extremely beneficial to provide the brain with new stimulus alone, in relation to brain plasticity (i.e. keeping the mind young healthy and active). As the mind becomes healthy, the physical body responds and also reaps its own reward.

Healing meditation – love creates coherence

Since every cell encapsulates information about the entire organism, we can see how important it is to our health and vitality to support and maintain our energetic coherence on all levels of our lives.  This is why I created and made available as my world service, my Haric Alignment meditation which will balance your energy field and create coherence.

Connecting with your I Am Presence

Download here

Advice from the Angels – ‘letting go is giving your Soul room to breathe’

I liked this angelic channeling through Ann Albers on the subject of unconditional love which I often find is a greatly misunderstood term. Unconditional love is the fifth type of love.  It is doing no harm.  It is not necessarily liking.

In truth dear ones, you can never lose God’s love, for that is all there is!  Everything in creation is fashioned from this love. Everything is unique reflection of this love. In some cases, this love is obvious – as in the miracle of a setting sun, the eyes of a baby, or a situation which brings you great joy. Sometimes this love is hidden, buried beneath the surface – as in the case of a cantankerous or unloving human being, or the thorns of a rosebush, or in a difficult challenge. Nevertheless, the thorns love and protect the roses. The cantankerous individuals are thorny because they do not know a kinder way to love and protect themselves. In your challenges, you find strength.

As a human being, you are gifted with free will. You can learn to say, “Yes I know God’s love is within all things, but I would rather choose to be around the people, places, and situations that resonate with me and give my heart joy! I can love all beings, but I am not required to like them. And that, dear ones, is a novel concept for many of you, because many of you learned to confuse “love” with “like.” The two do not have to exist at the same time. For example you can love the thorns on a rosebush, acknowledging their right to be, and yet you do not enjoy pricking your finger! You can love an angry human being knowing there is a light in their soul attempting to surface, while in the very same breath, you can say quite honestly, “I do not like their behavior or personality. I don’t choose to be around then,” As we have said many times in the past, Love says, “You have a right to be.” Discernment sees, “what is and is not right for me.”

Angels love us unconditionally - let us aspire to be like them

Angels love us unconditionally – let us aspire to be like them

So now that you know you can love all beings and all things, dear ones, consider looking at your lives and like nature, decide what is no longer serving your heart and therefore needs to be let go of.When you release something that is honestly not working in your life, you make room for what is. When you let go of that which does not give you joy – be it a thing, a relationship that cannot be worked out, or a situation – you make room for what does. When you let go of a belief that is not working, you create room for more powerful manifestations. Letting go is not giving up, failing, or depriving yourself. Letting go is giving your soul room to breathe!

Venus to the rescue – meditation to call in love through the Goddess

Goddess Rosanna chaneled through Natalie Gleeson has said:

Beings of light from Venus are currently supporting the anchoring of the divine Goddess more fully into the Earth and its awakening within your being. The energies of Venus are focused upon love and merge beautifully with the Goddess vibrations acting as an additional loving power and strength so that the Goddess light which is so potent with Creator vibrations and consciousness will no longer be diminished or limited upon the Earth. The beings from Venus believe that through humanity’s greater acceptance of the qualities of the Goddess a deeper resonance with love will be acknowledged within and projected outward into the physical reality and dimensions.

You may wish to meditate calling upon beings of Venus working closely and as one with the Goddess vibration to draw close around you, supporting your space of peace and exploration of love.

As you breathe deeply let yourself repeat this phase,

‘I allow the divine Goddess to lead me to a deeper recognition of love.’


In your quiet time or your meditation, you can enter into the cocoon of the Goddess light, breathing the Goddess vibrations into every aspect of your being while then focusing on expanding your heart chakra with the Goddess light. Then say,


‘I invite the divine seeds of light, created by the sacred Goddess Source and supported by beings from Venus, to enter into my heart chakra, to seed, germinate and grow filling my heart with the love and consciousness of the Goddess.   Let me collect and access the most appropriate or intended light seeds for me to aid and advance my understanding and experience of the divine Goddess of the universe and the Goddess within my being. I am open to the divine experience and integration.

Thank you.’

Then sit in peace, imagining your heart chakra open and expansive, focus on receiving as you imagine or simply know that the most appropriate Goddess light seeds are entering into your heart chakra where they will abundantly add to the vibrations and luminosity of your soul and Goddess presence.

Mercury Retrograde period

20/21st October until November 9th/10th


Right now we are being encouraged to heal anything that is other than love within us.

On an emotional level Mercury appearing to move backwards in the sky encourages us to heal old wounds and review the past. The Universe is actively assisting us to let go and heal. The big question is are you resisting or using the divine opportunity?

On a practical level traditionally during a retrograde you are advised to check and double check anything to do with communication and technology:

– email messages

–  short distance travel plans

– learning

– distribution of information

– the small print

– entering into important agreements should be avoided as omissions and errors are common

– back up your computer

– keep copies of everything important that you communicate to others

– avoid making assumptions get clear by asking questions

– confirm appointments

This 3 week period is also a good time to do the stuff you have been procrastinating about and to finish undone tasks.

So find a little time to review the Ascension techniques and karmic release process and give yourself  and others the gift of love and acceptance so you can allow the healing to take place.

The Cosmic Hierarchy are offering you expressions of their love…….. Ascension Techniques Karmic Release

Love, Light and Blessings until next time…