Love is all there is

Lets talk about that four letter word that drives us, L O V E.


Let’s discuss what it is, what it does, how it affects us, how we pervert it and how we can express it healthily.

Bob Marley wrote “Peace is the new gateway that will send all of humanity into the era of love”.  It was heartening to see the recent humanitarian support for peace when governments were advocating war.  Let us hope we are moving through the gateway now.thought of love upliftsLove is all there is.  Everything in existence was created from Love as its raw material.  I have a beautiful translation of Lao Tzu’s teaching the Tao Te Ching by famous Acupuncturist Ralph Alan Dale. According to Dr Dale :

“It is love that uniquely expresses our deepest un-armoured bonds with each other.  On the highest level we become love. Our language, like all other aspects of our culture, tends to obfuscate our loss of wholeness and humanity.  Since the experience of love requires this very wholeness and humanity that we have, for the most part lost, our use of the term most often refers to the perversions of love that are compensatory for this loss.

We might differentiate five types of love.  The first three are pathological contradictions of the Source / All That Is / Creator or Great Integrity as Lao Tzu termed it, and the last two are healthy expressions of it.

Possessive Love

The first type of love, a pathological type,  is possessive love, that is loving an object because we are capable of possessing it, or at least believing that we possess it.  Even one’s mate may be loved as an object.  This is the most alienated form of love and is widely practiced since the so called ‘civilisations’ of the past five thousand years have been focused on the act of possessing.  All objects are viewed for their value to exchange and accumulate.  Success is defined as the power to accrue and maintain the largest number of desirable objects.  People too are objectified, primarily as the means to create the objects to be acquired, so control over those who produce those objects becomes a basic test of success.  The objectification of nature and of human labor, when extended to personal relations takes many forms, for example, male chauvinism, which is a typical expression of love as a possession.  Clearly, objective love is not only toxic to our humanity, but inverts and perverts the very act of loving itself, turning it from a selfless and spontaneous experience of human fulfillment to a selfish and manipulative act.

bertrand on love

Co-Dependent Love

The second type of love, another pathological type,  is sometimes referred to as co-dependent love.  It is rooted in the experience of powerlessness and expresses itself as an addiction to control or to be controlled.  A relationship of co-dependent love is a struggle for competing dependencies and results in the mutual exploitation of immaturities.  Co-dependency prevents self-growth and independence, as well as genuine fulfillments.  It is also a contradiction of the Source / All That Is / Creator or Great Integrity but on a lesser level than the first possessive type of love.

Romantic Love

The third type of love, again pathological in nature,  might be called romantic love.  It is generally an unconscious escapist attempt to compensate for the absence of self-appreciation.  It is therefore generally a search for that ‘perfect’ mate who is imagined as having the qualities that the romantic lover lacks.  Although less pathological than possessive or co-dependent love, romantic love also contradicts the Source / All That Is / Creator or Great Integrity by its compensatory functions that drive a wedge between the essential self and the imagined deficient self, as well as between the essential other and the imagined ‘perfect’ mate.

Subjective Love

The fourth type of love, a healthy type, is subjective love.  It is the expression of a state of lovingness.  There are no ulterior motives, no objects of material value to be acquired.  The person who experiences subjective love is relatively without armour.  Love is freely given and received.  In such love, we are not fixated on a single possessive or co-dependent or romantic object of our love but we love, and are loved, by many people.  Moreover, in subjective love, not only human beings but animals, birds, plants, rocks, art, the entire gamut of nature and the environment, indeed the entire universe tends to be experienced in a loving way.  In the fourth form of love many layers of armouring are shed, and we live more in harmony with each other, with nature and with our own human natures.  It is the healthiest and most fulfilling level of love that our present day epoch of transition offers as a potential expression of the Great Integrity.

Toroidal heart field
Toroidal heart field

Becoming Unconditional Love

In the fifth type we will experience love beyond its objective and subjective forms.  We will become love. It is the experience of our total humanity, stripped of every premise of aggressive civilization.  It is complete self and social actualization.  Indeed it is the ideal state of being that Lao Tzu defines as the Great Integrity and is realisable only in this New Age of Truth when we achieve full consciousness and ascend into the fifth dimension.

As long as we live in acquisitive societies, we will be deprived of the fifth type of love, which is to say that all of us will experience it when we ascend as we will then fully experience the Great Integrity.

Love as a healing force

Some of the most respected genetic biochemists such as Dr. Leonard Horowitz and Dr. Puleo, suggest that frequency 528Hz is the repair frequency for damaged DNA.  528hz has been termed the ‘love frequency’.  At this precise frequency the clustered water molecules that surround and support the DNA structure form a perfect six-sided hexagon. This demonstrates how important it is to our health and vitality to support and maintain our energetic coherence on all levels of our lives. Even the slightest deviation in resonance on the cellular level can cause the frequency that supports the beautiful and magical six-sided hexagon to become something less coherent.

Solfeggio – Love Music – repairs DNA


Love frequency is 528hz. If you want to hear what that sounds like click the link…..

The Solfeggio frequencies you will hear on Cosmos are from a special old musical scale used in ancient music, chants and ceremonies. The ancient Solfeggio tones were believed to enable spiritual blessings, healing and transformation when played or sung in harmony.

Each note of the ancient Solfeggio scale has a different tuning from the conventional musical scale, these tones provide a new stimulus to the mind and physical system. It has recently been accepted by scientists that it can be extremely beneficial to provide the brain with new stimulus alone, in relation to brain plasticity (i.e. keeping the mind young healthy and active). As the mind becomes healthy, the physical body responds and also reaps its own reward.

Healing meditation – love creates coherence

Since every cell encapsulates information about the entire organism, we can see how important it is to our health and vitality to support and maintain our energetic coherence on all levels of our lives.  This is why I created and made available as my world service, my Haric Alignment meditation which will balance your energy field and create coherence.

Connecting with your I Am Presence

Download here

Advice from the Angels – ‘letting go is giving your Soul room to breathe’

I liked this angelic channeling through Ann Albers on the subject of unconditional love which I often find is a greatly misunderstood term. Unconditional love is the fifth type of love.  It is doing no harm.  It is not necessarily liking.

In truth dear ones, you can never lose God’s love, for that is all there is!  Everything in creation is fashioned from this love. Everything is unique reflection of this love. In some cases, this love is obvious – as in the miracle of a setting sun, the eyes of a baby, or a situation which brings you great joy. Sometimes this love is hidden, buried beneath the surface – as in the case of a cantankerous or unloving human being, or the thorns of a rosebush, or in a difficult challenge. Nevertheless, the thorns love and protect the roses. The cantankerous individuals are thorny because they do not know a kinder way to love and protect themselves. In your challenges, you find strength.

As a human being, you are gifted with free will. You can learn to say, “Yes I know God’s love is within all things, but I would rather choose to be around the people, places, and situations that resonate with me and give my heart joy! I can love all beings, but I am not required to like them. And that, dear ones, is a novel concept for many of you, because many of you learned to confuse “love” with “like.” The two do not have to exist at the same time. For example you can love the thorns on a rosebush, acknowledging their right to be, and yet you do not enjoy pricking your finger! You can love an angry human being knowing there is a light in their soul attempting to surface, while in the very same breath, you can say quite honestly, “I do not like their behavior or personality. I don’t choose to be around then,” As we have said many times in the past, Love says, “You have a right to be.” Discernment sees, “what is and is not right for me.”

Angels love us unconditionally - let us aspire to be like them

Angels love us unconditionally – let us aspire to be like them

So now that you know you can love all beings and all things, dear ones, consider looking at your lives and like nature, decide what is no longer serving your heart and therefore needs to be let go of.When you release something that is honestly not working in your life, you make room for what is. When you let go of that which does not give you joy – be it a thing, a relationship that cannot be worked out, or a situation – you make room for what does. When you let go of a belief that is not working, you create room for more powerful manifestations. Letting go is not giving up, failing, or depriving yourself. Letting go is giving your soul room to breathe!

Venus to the rescue – meditation to call in love through the Goddess

Goddess Rosanna chaneled through Natalie Gleeson has said:

Beings of light from Venus are currently supporting the anchoring of the divine Goddess more fully into the Earth and its awakening within your being. The energies of Venus are focused upon love and merge beautifully with the Goddess vibrations acting as an additional loving power and strength so that the Goddess light which is so potent with Creator vibrations and consciousness will no longer be diminished or limited upon the Earth. The beings from Venus believe that through humanity’s greater acceptance of the qualities of the Goddess a deeper resonance with love will be acknowledged within and projected outward into the physical reality and dimensions.

You may wish to meditate calling upon beings of Venus working closely and as one with the Goddess vibration to draw close around you, supporting your space of peace and exploration of love.

As you breathe deeply let yourself repeat this phase,

‘I allow the divine Goddess to lead me to a deeper recognition of love.’


In your quiet time or your meditation, you can enter into the cocoon of the Goddess light, breathing the Goddess vibrations into every aspect of your being while then focusing on expanding your heart chakra with the Goddess light. Then say,


‘I invite the divine seeds of light, created by the sacred Goddess Source and supported by beings from Venus, to enter into my heart chakra, to seed, germinate and grow filling my heart with the love and consciousness of the Goddess.   Let me collect and access the most appropriate or intended light seeds for me to aid and advance my understanding and experience of the divine Goddess of the universe and the Goddess within my being. I am open to the divine experience and integration.

Thank you.’

Then sit in peace, imagining your heart chakra open and expansive, focus on receiving as you imagine or simply know that the most appropriate Goddess light seeds are entering into your heart chakra where they will abundantly add to the vibrations and luminosity of your soul and Goddess presence.

Mercury Retrograde period

20/21st October until November 9th/10th


Right now we are being encouraged to heal anything that is other than love within us.

On an emotional level Mercury appearing to move backwards in the sky encourages us to heal old wounds and review the past. The Universe is actively assisting us to let go and heal. The big question is are you resisting or using the divine opportunity?

On a practical level traditionally during a retrograde you are advised to check and double check anything to do with communication and technology:

– email messages

–  short distance travel plans

– learning

– distribution of information

– the small print

– entering into important agreements should be avoided as omissions and errors are common

– back up your computer

– keep copies of everything important that you communicate to others

– avoid making assumptions get clear by asking questions

– confirm appointments

This 3 week period is also a good time to do the stuff you have been procrastinating about and to finish undone tasks.

So find a little time to review the Ascension techniques and karmic release process and give yourself  and others the gift of love and acceptance so you can allow the healing to take place.

The Cosmic Hierarchy are offering you expressions of their love…….. Ascension Techniques Karmic Release

Love, Light and Blessings until next time…


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