Cosmic Hierarchy

In the mid 1990’s when I discovered the work of Joshua David Stone, a teacher and spokesperson for the Ascension Movement, who is sadly no longer with us, I immediately became an avid reader of his work and practiced his suggested meditations to aid ascension.  I will share some of his excellent techniques with you at the end of this article.

What I would like to share first is a representation of the Cosmic Hierarchy according to Joshua.

The Divine Plan

What I find heartening about this information is that it enables us to understand that the Divine Plan and those who are charged with the work of implementing that plan, is very carefully conceived and orchestrated.

God wants to talk

There are so many Light Beings who are working hard at all levels and in all dimensions to ensure that from the Multiverse right down to our little blue dot planet, everything functions in alignment with its creative blueprint.  Its like a well oiled machine with a superb team of people keeping it running smoothly.  We can trust in the process knowing that beings who operate at a much higher level of consciousness than we do are in charge of Earth, the Solar System, the Galaxy, the Universe and the Multiverse.  These beings uphold Universal Law and act as Guides, Teachers, Healers, Creators, Intermediaries and supporters of humanity and beings everywhere.

Cosmic Hierarchy




Right Hand of Godhead GODHEAD   –  Hyos Ha Koidesh –

Highest servants of God

Left Hand of Godhead
7 ELOHIM(see below  : they are the thought attributes of God) CO-CREATOR COUNCIL OF 12 7 ARCHANGELS(see below)
24 Elders before the Throne – administer Universal Law thru Councils of Light to all Universes
Paradise Sons –Cosmic Ascended Masters –Co-Creator Gods

Sons & Daughters of God

(some have returned to Source and some never left)

Metatron – ‘the garment of Shaddai’ – Voice of God – creator of Keys of Enoch
7 Cosmic Planes Universal Logos 7 Cosmic Planes
The Elohim: Galactic Logos – Melchior –

in charge of Milky Way Galaxy

The Archangels:
1.Hercules & Amazonia Melchior Ray 1.Michael & Faith
2.Apollo & Lumina 7 Stars of Great Bear Beings

(originators of the 7 Rays)

Ray 2.Jopiel & Christine
3.Heros & Amora Great Bear Logos Ray 3.Chamuel & Charity
4. Purity & Astrea Logos of Sirius Ray 4. Gabriel & Hope
5.Cyclopia & Virginia Solar Logos – Helios –

embodies whole solar system

Ray 5. Raphael & Mother Mary
6.Peace & Aloha Vywamus – Monad of Sanat Kumara Ray 6. Uriel & Aurora
7.Arcturus & Victoria 7 Planetary Logoi – in charge of earth’s evolution they serve in Solar Logos Ray 7. Zadkiel & Amethyst
3 Planetary Spirits
PLANETARY LOGOS (in Shamballa)   Lord of the World Sanat Kumara (Highest being in charge of our planetary system)
The Lords of KarmaQuan Yin, Pallas AthenaGoddess of Liberty The 6 Kumaras (Buddhas of Activity)

Assist Sanat Kumara and were originally sent to Earth from Sirius System

The Lords of Karma – dispense and dissolve karmaPortia, Vista, Lady Nada Overseer, The Great Divine Director
Manu –  Spiritual Government (President)Allah Gobi Office of the Christ  :

Lord Maitreya with Master Kuthumi as assistant

Mahachohan  currently St Germain
Ascended Masters of the 12 Rays

Ray 1 El Moyra

Ray 2 Master Lanto

Ray 3 Paul The Venetian

Ray 4 Serapis Bey

Ray 5 St Hilarion

Ray 6 Lady Nada & Master Jesus

Ray 7 St Germain     Ray 8 Lady Isis

Ray 9 Lady Nada & Mother Mary

Ray 10 Master Voltar & Lady Master Valencia

Ray 11 Quan Yin, Angel Roshel

Ray 12 Pallas Athena, Lord Maitreya

Some of these may change due to New Age – some hold more than 1 post

Ascended Masters – 6th Initiation – Ascension/resurrection
Adept – 5th Initiation – Monadic Merger Attainment of I Am Presence

Arhat- 4th Initiation – causal body built – liberation from re-birth – Monadic connection established Soul merges with Monad

Initiate 3rd Initiation – soul merger

Disciple 1st and  2nd Initiation – master of emotional/mental body

Spiritual Aspirant – Path of Probation – recognition of Soul

Average Humanity – Have not yet stepped onto the path so remain unconscious of their Soul connection

Mineral Kingdom Vegetable Kingdom Animal Kingdom

Notice the level of average humanity!  What level do you feel you have reached?

Christ Consciousness – a living presence

So if you look at  the central column you will notice the “Office of the Christ’.  I feel its worth just spending a little time on explanation. We need to be clear what we mean by Christ.

Christ is not, in truth, a purely Christian term.   Christ is the name given to a living presence.  Christ simply means living presence.   Every Planet in every Galaxy and Universe recognizes this Living Presence and calls it by a different name.

So on Earth we use Christ as the name given to the living presence or healing spirit of the Earth that we can draw into ourselves at will.

Traditionally the dove is symbolic of the living presence of healing descending from above to earth

Traditionally the dove is symbolic of the living presence of healing descending from above to earth

Embodying ‘Christ consciousness’ or being ‘Christ like’, is being extremely selfless and loving, knowing that Oneness is the only truth.

Attaining ‘The State of The Christ’ means to embody the frequency of unconditional love.   So in becoming “Christed”, one embodies unconditional love.  Unconditional love is when one accepts others as equals in unity and therefore will never intend them any harm.

John the Baptist baptises Jesus and the dove brings Christ Consciousness

John the Baptist baptises Jesus and the dove brings Christ Consciousness

All Spiritual Masters of all religions and spiritual paths help their students become ‘the Christ’ by assisting the student to reclaim their authentic Christed self.

So whenever I use the term Christ it is not meant in the Christian sense, it is used in the Universal sense. All spiritual paths lead to Christ and the Holy Spirit or Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, Vishnu being the equivalent of the Christ in Hinduism.


Kukulkan/Quetzalcoatl (Feathered Serpent) was the first Mesoamerican deity to transcend and was also considered an aspect of Christ Consciousness.

The Office of the Christ.

Lord Maitreya has said:    there are different levels in the office of the Christ. There are the Planetary Christ, Solar Christ, Galactic Christ, Universal Christ, Multiversal Christ and Cosmic Christ.

The following spiritual Masters all work from the Office of The Christ:-

Sanada/aka Jesus, Lady Master Nada, Lord Buddha, Krishna, Lao Tse, Zoroaster, Kalki Maitreya, Melchizedek, Ra, Mother Sekhmet, Alcyone, Archangel Metatron, Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, Mother Mary, Archangel Uriel, Archangel Gabriel, Helios and Vesta, St Germain, Master Kuthumi, Serapis Bey, Lord Arcturus, Ashtar and Athena, Commander Hatonn, Commander Soltec.

You are created by God as a Christ. Planet Earth is already in the 5th Dimension. It is only when we operate in 3rd Dimensional consciosness that we forget. Remembering is about waking up to our 5th dimensional Christ like nature.

So Christ can be used interchangeably with “Living Presence” whenever you come across it.

Ascension techniques

Here are some simple yet very effective requests for assistance from the Cosmic Spiritual Hierarchy. You can think of the response to these requests as ‘Gifts of Divine Grace’.  In particular  you will call upon Vywamus, who is Sanat Kumara’s Higher Soul and Ascended Master Djwhal Khul, (Master Kuthumi’s assistant and one of the best teachers available to planet earth according to Joshua),  to accelerate your Ascension. With thanks to  Joshua Stone:-

enlight 2es

Gifts of Divine Grace

First technique

Call forth from Vywamus and Djwhal Khul, the matrix removal program. Ask Djwhal Khul and Vywamus to be set up in this program on the inner plane.  Also just request, in your meditation, for all your fear based programs to be removed. It helps if you can be more specific about what your fears are and ask for the specific fears to be removed.

One basic concept here is that the Spiritual Hierarchy has now been given permission to actually pull the fear based programs right out of our subconscious minds and four body system. This is done much like a gardener pulls weeds out of the Earth. The fear based programs actually look like dark black weeds with many roots when you look at them clairvoyantly. This matrix removal program has never been available to humanity before this time. It is a new dispensation to help us in the New Age.   This work can be done when you are in an emotional crisis or when you are feeling good and just want to do more refining work. While this work is going on you will feel subtle energy work going on in your crown chakra. For those who are not clairvoyant, and cannot see it actually happening, just trust that it is going on. Ask that it be done while you are sleeping, as well.

Second Technique

Call to Archangel Metatron for a one hundred percent light quotient increase. Metatron is a most glorious Being and has great abilities in the area of light technology.

Third technique

Call forth from Vywamus, Sanat Kumara and Djwhal Khul and your own Mighty I Am Presence for the anchoring of your monadic blueprint body. Ask that this now replace the previous tainted blueprint you have been working off of through all of your past lives.

This will provide you with a perfect blueprint for your physical vehicle to work with. Many people never recover from chronic physical health problems because of this .

Also call in the MAP (Medical Assistance Program) healing team and the etheric healing team to repair any damage in the etheric vehicle that needs repairing from all your past lives and present life. The value of this simple ascension technique cannot be over estimated!

Fourth technique:

Call to your Mighty I Am Presence, Vywamus, and Djwhal Khul and ask that your monad (spirit or Mighty I Am Presence) be permanently anchored into your physical vehicle.

This can be done for you upon request. This will greatly accelerate the merger of your personality, soul and monad which is, in truth, what ascension really is.

Fifth technique:

Call for the permanent anchoring of the Cosmic Heart from Vywamus and Djwhal Khul. This invocation speaks for itself as to its intent and purpose.


Sixth technique:

Call forth to Vywamus, Archangel Michael, and Djwhal Khul to place a golden dome of protection around you at all times, Request that Vywamus bring forth His Golden Hands like a net, through your fields and remove all alien implants, elementals, negative entities, imbalanced energies, and etheric mucous.

Seventh technique:

Call forth in your home where you meditate a permanent ascension column to be set up by the Ascended Masters. As you evolve, your ascension column will evolve. All who enter it will be helped and accelerated.

Joshua David Stone


Joshua David Stone (December 1953–August 2005) was an American author, teacher, and spokesperson for the ascension movement. His most prominent topics were ascension and meditation techniques. He also wrote a number of books on the topic of spiritual psychology.

With the growing popularity of the World Wide Web, he also composed one of the more comprehensive websites on spirituality, which has often been used as a point of reference on New Age topics. Furthermore, he founded an academy for spiritual studies by the name of Melchizedek Synthesis Light Academy & Ashram (MSLA), which then later developed into the I AM University.

Namaste until next time


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