Karma and how to release it right now

Karmic Release – a simple process



Two weeks ago I returned from a Retreat. A whole blissful week of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual detox. Nothing to eat or drink except raw veggie and fruit juices and water. Nothing to do except walk, journal, undergo hydrotherapy, be massaged and of course rest. Lots of quiet silent walks in nature and no one to look after but me.  I felt wonderful.

Included in the cost of the week was a treatment called Liquid Body Relaxation technique. I was intrigued. The 75 minute session began with Jenny, the therapist, pulling and stretching my body until the muscles had completely let go. The only bit of me that seemed reluctant to let go was a tiny spot in my neck and another in my shoulder. Jenny noticed it and we both put our attention there. As she massaged and prodded I went into the ache and tension which I suddenly realised felt like two round lead bullets lodged there which had been fired from an old fashioned muzzle loading pistol. I ‘saw’ the bullets in my mind’s eye.

I suddenly felt I had been shot in the back as I was running from my pursuers. I had a vision of others from my village armed only with farm implements and tools, facing an enemy armed with guns. We were a poor excuse for an army but I felt a strong sense that we were fighting for our homes and livelihoods. As I was dying I felt a strong concern for my family. I felt guilty that I was forced to leave them to fend for themselves in such a harsh environment.

I then suddenly had the insight and realisation that after my death my wife and children all survived, coped well and made a life for themselves. Suddenly my guilt and sense of over responsibility disappeared as I realised I’d done my best as a breadwinner and father to protect them.

My shoulder and arm suddenly released and I knew I had cleared that karmic issue. There had been slight tightness in my shoulders my whole life and now my back and neck are much more comfortable.

Many people find the death scene of a past life, particularly if it occurs suddenly or tragically, creates an energy block or issue that is not released but continues as a karmic issue into the next incarnation. These blocks can cause physical and/or emotional issues in this life.

Karmic pre-dispositions

So lets be clear about the definition of karma. A simple definition is unresolved emotional, physical issues or limiting beliefs that we have brought with us into this life to resolve. Think of it this way. When we leave the third dimension at the moment of death we cannot take any negative energy with us. Elsewhere in other dimensions only positive energy can reside. So we must leave behind negative emotions and limiting beliefs. I liken it to leaving a suitcase in the ‘Left Luggage’ office at the railway station. We leave it there until it’s convenient to collect it later. We collect our unresolved negative issues when we re-incarnate. We then download them all from the suitcase when our astral (feeling) body becomes fully anchored to the physical and etheric bodies around the age of fourteen.

We then plan to release the issues through our life experiences particularly through lessons learned in relationships. However the best laid plans and all that….what usually happens is that we simply add issues to the suitcase so when we leave the planet we leave a heavier suitcase behind. This is due to ignorance and lack of memory of the fact that the suitcase exists, never mind what it’s contents were.

Identifying your karmic issues is a simple process if you are willing to put in a little time and effort. Usually karmic issues are those that keep recurring. Facilitating the release of the issues is simple if you use a simple and quick process whereby you are given a divine dispensation to assist you in acknowledging the issue then releasing it. Never before has karmic release been so easy. The universal consciousness implemented a dispensation procedure for the first time around 15 years ago in order to assist Light-workers prepare for Ascension in the most accelerated way.

earth receiving rays

Karmic Release

So there are a number of karmic issues that each of us came in to transcend. Often these issues relate to some deep fears that we are not always consciously aware of.  As you may know whatever we fear we attract to ourselves.  What ever we attract has the potential to teach us something important that we need to learn and then transcend, our karmic lessons.   Here are a few typical karmic issues:-

Fear of failing in my responsibility (this was mine)
Fear of putting myself first
Fear that life has no meaning
Fear of moving forward
Fear of not being perfect
Fear of the dark
Fear of the darkness in others
Fear of persecution for my beliefs
Self Doubt
Fear of Betrayal
Fear of being controlled
Fear of not being in control
Lack of trust in my own heart mind
Fear of change
Fear of Loss
Fear of Death
I helped a young girl who was reconnecting with a past life experience in her ‘dreams’ and it was causing her and her parents a lot of angst.  I saw her for one short session and here’s what her mother wrote to me:  My daughter has been amazing since her session with you. No more incidences while she is sleeping and completely brave when she wakes up and finds herself alone. The fear that caused the shouting for me has instantly stopped!!! It’s truly incredible.
 divine director
Depiction of the Great Divine Director, Lords of Karma

The Process

I have been using this most effective process to help myself and others release karma since 1998.

Karmic Release Process 
with the Grace Given Through The Lords of Karma
Please note that four categories of release can be requested :-
Life Situations
Negative character traits
Also Disease…. However always heal the emotional issues at the root first
So here’s how you go about it:-
1. Identify the issue you wish to have release from
2. Create meditative trance
Note : You can either just request the release from the issue …..or…..ask to be shown the Past Life that has relevance to the issue you require release from. You can request to be shown the first lifetime where this issue was created. Ask to watch like a movie any information or responses that come to you.
3. With humility and reverence in your heart….Ask….. please may I speak with the Lords of Karma, the Divine Director and the Karmic Board
4. Wait until you have some perception of them
5. Ask for the karmic release you desire
6. You will receive a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ response
7. If the answer is ‘yes’ ask to have the release through :
a. The Mind Grid Level (wait for yes before asking for next level)
b. The DNA level
c. The Karmic Contract (or Akashic Record Level)
d. The Core Soul Level and beyond
If the answer is no to any of these levels then ask if healing is needed at that level – it may not be, and, if not go on. If the answer is no and release is needed ask what to do to proceed.
Ask for the healing or release :
FROM BELOW THE CENTRE OF THE EARTH TO BEYOND MY MOMENT OF SELF(MOS is the time of separation of individual Soul from Oneness. Ie. The Souls’ birth. The MOS is anchored in the 5th D core of the heart and links to the individuation point on the hara line. The ID point is situated higher up than the crown chakra above the head.
The ID point signifies the point of separation from unity to duality. The other end of the hara line connects into the Centre of the Earth when we are incarnate. The hara line holds our intentionality).
Or……if the answer is no to request above then try by reversing….
If still ‘no’ then do not clear the ‘no’ just finish to process that remains
When you have a ‘yes’ to all outer levels then …
Ask to please have the release :-
Through all the levels and all the bodies,
All the lifetimes including the present lifetime,
Heal all the damage from (name the situation)
And bring the healing into the present NOW
When you receive a ‘Yes’ again the process is finished…or you might feel or see the process begin and conclude. just wait until it is completed.
If the answer is ‘No’ ask for more guidance on what you need to know or do first before the release can be granted. Wait for a response. If you are shown symbols or pictures relating to a past life and you do not understand the meaning…just ask if you may be released from what you are seeing. If yes continue from 7 above. If still no then ask is there something you need to acknowledge or do first before the release can be granted.
After the release you can request more releases.
After the last release it is important that you ask for the Energy Balancing Process as follows :-
8. The Energy Balancing Process – to be done after the completed karmic release
9. Ask the Lords of Karma to align all your Energy Bodies and the connections between the energy bodies
10. Ask the Lords of Karma to please …Clear, Heal, Align, Open and Activate:
– The Ka Template
Ka template connects physical body to Etheric via the root and perineum chakras
(wait for completion before moving to the next template)
– The Etheric Template
Etheric connects the etheric to the emotional/astral body via the Heart & Thymus chakras
– The Ketheric Template
Ketheric connects the emotional body to the mental body via 3rd eye and causal body chakras
– The Celestial Template
Celestial connects the Mental Body to the Spiritual body via the crown & transpersonal point
– The I Am Template
I Am connects the spiritual body to the higher Self, Soul, Oversoul, via the Galactic chakras
(always in this order – you can repeat whenever you feel out of balance – or
weekly to stay in balance)
11. Ask for reconnection, healing and activation of your 12 or 22 strand DNA (This only needs to be done once in this lifetime)
12. Request Complete Core Soul Healing (this may continue for several days – it only needs to be requested once in this lifetime)
13. Ask to please have a comfortable integration of changes and for all changes and alignments to become permanent. Ask your Higher Self or Soul to come in………..
a. Invite her to remain connected with you permanently to guide your life from the higher perspective
b. Ask your Higher Self/Soul to clear, heal, align, open, activate and fill your Hara Line Channels and Chakras
c. Ask your Higher Self/Soul to clear, heal, align, open, activate and fill your Kundalini Line Channels and Chakras
d. Thank your Higher Self/Soul and ask that the alignments and healing of the chakras be made permanent
14. Thank the Lords of Karma for this Divine dispensation and balance
Thanks to Diane Stein for compiling this script in her Book We Are the Angels.
Caroline Myss Book Sacred Contracts is another  book I highly recommend. This book gives insights into any contracts you have made at a soul level before incarnation.  These contracts are naturally also related to karma.  Caroline explains how to discover if you have contracts in place.  You can ask for these to be dissolved by the Lords of Karma if you feel the contracts no longer serve you.

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