Fusion of Heart Mind and Head Mind aids Evolution

Thinking in the heart’s brain

It has now been scientifically proven that the heart has it’s own mind completely separate from the intellectual or head mind.

heart to heart

Recent scientific investigations have actually discovered specific neurons in the heart which establish “thinking in the heart” as a physical fact.    Before the rise of modern science the heart was very much characterised as the site of emotions as well as the very centre of human existence. However since then, medicine has come to see the heart as just a pump – with many people believing that they are ruled instead by their ‘heads’.

“Integration happens by moving out of the head, 
where you are in the victim/perpetrator mindset, 
and into the heart center. 
The heart center doesn’t have any filters that say, 
‘I’m limited. I’m not enough.’ 
When you are heart centered you move into the perception of co-creator. 
You are a co-creative being, and you can see how and why you create an experience 
and how it is of service to you.”

 – The 9th Pleiadian Collective, through Wendy Kennedy

Professor David Patterson of Oxford University is challenging traditional views of how the heart and brain work together. Prof. Patterson explains that in the heart itself there are around ten thousand specialised neurons, not just nerve cells but a neural network, and, he says, the question has to be asked, why are they there? The discovery of these neurons has led to the term “the heart’s little brain”.

Prof Patterson went on to say “It is now realised that the brain must work in partnership with the heart and that thinking in the heart is one of its natural functions. It is not enslaved to the brain, rather it is more like a marriage;  its not just thoughts in the brain that govern our lives but emotional and loving thoughts in the heart also have a strong impact on us”.
When trauma happens in life we will do well to stop trying to rationalise with the head and listen to the heart’s guidance and what we can learn from the experience. After all we choose every experience we have. So what would it mean to you to follow your heart? To quote Blaise Pascal, “The heart has its reasons, of which Reason knows nothing”.
heart head match

Heart to Heart communication is the new normal

Lightworkers and those in an awakened state of consciousness are responding to the numinous messages being sent from the Company of Heaven to humanity to stimulate fledgling group telepathy through opening the heart to love. As more groups of people develop this ability and work with pure love, communication from heart to heart becomes more and more common and will eventually be the only way humanity communicates.  It is the natural communication method as we are all connected.  However, such heart to heart communication requires an opening up to others that few are courageous enough to pursue because of old fears around opening the heart borne of past negative experiences of betrayal or hurt.
head heart leash

However the truth is that the great need of our times remains a fusion of love and mind. It is indeed heartening that the scientific proof is there now to support our a capacity to “think in the heart”.

 Love cure’s people. Both those who give it and those who receive it. 
Dr Karl Menninger

The heart as the seat of the emotions and consciousness

The understanding of the heart as the seat of the emotions and consciousness changed in the seventeenth century when William Harvey, a physician, discovered that the organ of the heart, the centre of our emotions, also pumps blood around the body. This coincided with the dawn of the mechanical age, when mind and heart came to be seen as similar to cogs and a pump in a body that resembled an elaborate machine, and this in turn changed many people’s perception of what it is to be human. The mind and heart were split into separate departments, and the seat of consciousness was allocated solely to the brain. That Harvey’s work gave licence to this idea was ironic, because this wasn’t his perspective, but he saw how the heart was unable to defend itself against the triumph of the rational mind!
heart pump

Da Vinci already knew what Magnetic Resonance Imaging has only recently shown

Drawings by Leonardo da Vinci, neglected for 400 years after his death, demonstrated that a truer understanding of the heart had existed many centuries before the seventeenth. Da Vinci had already deduced that blood flowed through the heart, and that it must make a swirling action, a vortex. The purpose of these vortices was to open up the valves of the heart and so the blood works ‘with’ the heart, not ‘against’ it. The vortical flow of the blood helps to close the valves of the heart behind it as it flows through. So if we had understood the heart’s pumping action in terms of a vortex, the mechanical approach would have been less likely to have come into favour. Heart and blood flows work in natural harmony, and today using Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI scanning), it’s possible to see the way the blood flows through the heart in this manner.
“Are you always trying to get somewhere other than where you are? 
Is most of your doing just a means to an end?
Is fulfillment always just around the corner,
or confined to short-lived pleasures,
such as sex, food, drink, drugs, or thrills and excitement?
Are you always focused on becoming, achieving, and attaining, 
or alternatively chasing some new thrill or pleasure? 
Do you believe that if you acquire more things
you will become more fulfilled, 
be good enough, or psychologically complete? 
Are you waiting for a man or woman to give meaning to your life? 
In the mind-identified state of consciousness, the power and infinite creative potential that lie concealed in the Now are completely obscured by psychological time. Your life then loses its vibrancy, its freshness, its sense of wonder. The old patterns of thought, emotion, behaviour, reaction, and desire are acted out in endless repeat performances, a script in your mind that gives you an identity of sorts but distorts or covers up the reality of the Now.” 
– Eckhart Tolle

The head/heart ‘truce technique’ – letting go and experiencing the ‘now’

Here’s how to create a truce in the ongoing battle inside each person between the Heart and the Head….
To experience your real self in the now just do this simple exercise:-

1. Place your right hand on your physical heart area

2. Imagine breathing into the heart as you draw in deep breaths of air

3. Take 10 deep conscious breaths in and out, holding the outbreath for count of 5 before breathing in again

4.Think of something that you really appreciate or care about

5.Allow that feeling of appreciation to flow

6. Notice how you feel

This exercise trains you to get out of the head mind and into the feelings. In other words out of time and into now. Into the heart space.   If you do this exercise whilst you are experiencing a negative emotion you will find you can let go of the negative feeling and replace it with the positive feeling of appreciation.

E-motion = energy in motion

Living in peace is not about ‘not feeling the negative emotions’ it is about experiencing whatever emotion comes up but letting it flow through you instead of holding onto it.  E-motion is energy in motion. Energy in motion is an attempt to give you a message, an awareness, about what is in the shadow self that is reacting to the present moment experience.  This message is a gift.   When you are aware of what you wish to change you can discover the means to bring about change.

heart body

Heaven sent help to walk the sacred path and open your heart

Have you heard of the Elohim?
Let us define who the Elohim are and what their role is.
God, the original Unity moved in the stillness of the void and created a partner. You could call the partner Mother God.   So both existed side by side. Mother God’s first born progeny were the Elohim or Creator Gods. The Creator Gods were given the job of creating everything else: the Universe, the solar system, humanity and all other races.  Because the Elohim are the creators of humanity we can call upon them (they are plural in that they are many in number) to assist us in our evolution. To assist us walk the sacred path to ascension.
Creator of Heaven and earth! God Almighty! These names inspire respect, awe, reverence and, sometimes, unfortunately, fear:   “fear of God.”  Rarely do people believe they can have the relationship both Creator and creature most want: close, loving, intimate, protective.   Yet, that’s exactly what our Creators want: to be with us and assist us.  To be that which we can relax with. Confide in. Who will not only love and guide us, but Who will even laugh and cry with us — personally.
That’s what we discovered, to our great relief and delight, when we met our Creators, The Elohim. God is perfectly approachable, sweetly endearing, totally trustworthy — an utter joy to be with! Allow your ideas of God to be changed forever.  The Elohim invite you to develop a wonderfully close, joyful, helpful relationship with them as your Creators.  If you wish to accept the invitation affirm that now.
The Living Love Fellowship
 sanscrit anahata symbol for the heart chakra
Sanscrit symbol for Anahata the heart chakra
Archangel Gabriel has suggested the following way in which you can ask for assistance from the Elohim.
Elohim is the word.
Elohim is the grace and beauty.
Elohim is the Creative Force.
Elohim is the beginning and the end.
Open your hearts to the Divine Elohim.
Open your hearts to the glorious and mighty Elohim,
for only in this way will you experience the wonders of the grace of the Divine.
Truth and justice will be yours in Elohim.
Divine wisdom and power will be yours in Elohim.
Call for Elohim often for it is yours by Divine right.
If you live in fear with a closed heart, Elohim will banish that fear
and open your heart to Love and Joy.
Say or pray:
“I call upon the Elohim to help me to release all fear in my life and open my heart.” 
If you live with addiction, call for Elohim and that addiction will vanish, no matter how powerful, and you will have Peace and Harmony.
Say or pray:
“I call upon the Elohim to help me to overcome all addictions in my life.” 
If you live in Love, Light and Harmony, call for Elohim and you will see your rewards on Earth as well as in Heaven.
Divine Love and Grace will transform your lives. Just ask.
“I call upon the Elohim to transform my life.”   
Blessings of Love, Peace and Grace be mine in Elohim.

Now is the time to allow love in. Will you? Can you?  

The company of heaven are prompting you and if you resist you will not be able to evolve into 5th dimensional expanded consciousness state and once again become the Divine Human you were designed to be before the ‘fall’ (involution) in consciousness that began 13,000 years ago and ended on December 21st 2012 when we started our sacred journey of evolution.
Einstein was saying that the heart, as the intuitive mind, is the sacred gift
and the head mind is the servant

Further reading and research http://www.social-consciousness.com/2012/12/science-of-heart-institute-of-heartmath.html

till next time…Rita


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