Inner Child Issues

Have you chatted to your Inner Child lately?

We all have our Divine Inner Child deep within us.  The child becomes wounded through negative or misunderstood life experiences and then to make things worse we all leave him or her behind when we grow up.

Inner chind

Freeing Your Inner Child

Let’s firstly define the Inner Child:
The Inner Child is the  part of the self that, in most cases, was wounded at an early age (before 7 or 8 years) and who reacted by withdrawing, becoming angry, fearful or distrustful, hence losing part of it’s innate connection with the Divine.

Identifying and healing the Wounded Inner Child naturally unmasks the ‘Divine Child’ who has been waiting untouched and whole all along.   The Divine Child has surrendered to the will of the Divine.  The Divine Child is one who walks the path of innocence and trust, poised in the present moment, without the need to ‘know’.

Go forth with the innocence and joy of the Golden Child within.  Your Authentic Self is The Golden liquid of love from the father.  The Divine Child is the God energy within the heart.  The Christ Consciousness.    Kuthumi

Healing the Wounded Child within is simple yet it is often overlooked 

I remember the special moment I first connected with my inner child and had the chance to thank her and tell her how I appreciated all she had been through in childhood on my behalf.  From the moment she revealed herself to me my attitude and perceptions changed for the better. It felt as if we had created a special partnership – she was to allow me to re-connect with the world of my childhood – one of no limitations, only endless possibilities. One not restricted by the confines of the limited imagination of the adult.  I told her I wanted to be in a sense, a parent to her, as it was apparent that she had perceived an inability to connect with our physical parents.  I would hold her hand and re-assure her, enable a sense of safety and security when she mistakenly ‘misperceived’ danger in situations which could cause her to feel fearful (Fear of Abandonment, Fear of Being Alone, Fear of the Unknown, Fear of getting it wrong) due to a natural ‘child-like’ immaturity. It was as if she had been stuck in a time warp.  I had grown up and left her behind.  I went back and rescued her.

Inner child freedjpeg

A self perpetuating cycle that can affect generation after generation

I have noticed that the The Wounded Child is a self perpetuating cycle.  It can be passed down to our children.  We can stop that by healing ourselves before, or after, our own children are born. I find that only people who have integrated their own Inner Children are able to assist others to integrate theirs. I had an experience with a client of 6 years old who was struggling with an issue because his father’s inner child was so dreadfully wounded.  I explained to the Father that to assist his son I would need to help him to heal his own child in order to pave the way for his son to heal (who was presenting with the same issue as the father).   Unfortunately the adult was unable to accept my message at that time, he wasn’t ready to change.

How to heal your child: –

There comes a point in our personal evolution when we find ourselves needing to return to rescue our child from some childhood trauma that has kept him or her frozen in time.  In meditation imagine yourself returning to an event that challenged you before the age of 7.  Find your little younger self and notice the facial expression and body language.  Introduce yourself ‘I am your future self and I’ve come back for you at last’. Gently approach your child and ask if you may lift the child into your arms and out of that past event.  Imagine you both leave the event and find yourselves in an imaginary garden where you can talk and play for a while.   Be sure to say to your child ‘thank you from the bottom of my heart for having had the courage to take on the challenge of childhood. I appreciate you.  I want to take care of you like a great parent would now.  Is that OK? Wait for the response from your child.  If there is agreement then you can continue and say ‘will you help me in return?  I really want to re-connect with those special childhood traits that I miss so much. I want to feel that freedom and joy again. I want to have that curiosity and sense of adventure back. And all the other great things’.  Then lift the child up in a loving hug and draw him or her close into your heart centre where she or he can feel safe, secure, loved and taken care of.  Leave the garden knowing you can go back there whenever you choose to and return to now when you are ready. You will find you can forge a new and special partnership together and that facing the future will be a different experience if you do that jointly. Invite your inner child into your heart today and watch your life change for the better. children and stars Namaste till next time


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